At four in the morning in November, the winter winds blow towards Lam Vien Square. If it weren’t for this pandemic season, sleeping cars, passenger cars and personal vehicles would have been parked in the parking corridor on the banks of Xuan Huong Lake. . The everyday bustling and bustling atmosphere is limited to a few motorcycles and two-wheelers of groups of young people going on a trip. That day, the space was cold and happy at the same time due to the excitement of many families and groups of tourists, some people were moved because for the first time they felt the natural cold outdoors of 12 or 13 degrees, and they breathed. a fog through their noses, feeling cold and then playing around exhaling smoke, everyone enjoyed their own experience. The couple held hands in a comfortable couple’s shirt and kept the first photos in the square because who knows, maybe in the future it will just be a past or a memory because the joke of going to Da Lat and breaking up is still there . It also discourages many couples. There are also happy families where grandparents tell each other about the war period when they were students in the lecture hall of Da Lat University and heard the sound of musician Trinh Cong Son’s guitar mixed with his voice. Khanh Ly’s melodious voice when the two first collaborated on stage.

My grandparents used to say that when I was a student in this city it was very quiet, the temperature was very cold and on winter days the pipes in all the houses filled with smoke because the stove always had red hot coals. At that time, the streets of Da Lat were lined with pine trees, most of the houses were two-story wooden houses, and the rich and wealthy lived in villas with gardens, rarely seeing high-rise buildings. That day, every afternoon, the fog on the road was like the top of Langbiang Mountain, on a rainy day, the road was nowhere to be seen, so vehicles were limited to driving at night for fear of danger. . So that romantic peace also creates a way of living and a style of speaking in this city. They drive slowly on the highway because the road is steep and there is no need to rush, the traffic is light and they never have to avoid each other, so the traffic light is quite a luxury. Then when they talk it is very different, during the conversation there is always a cup of hot artichoke tea or a cup of coffee on the table. The number of people who came here in the past were not civil servants, but were also students or people with money to go on vacation, so the way they talked to each other was quite gentle because in the past, our grandparents had a saying What does it mean to give birth to rich people?

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In the past, in the 40s of this century, there were only two types of people working in agriculture: one was the indigenous people, the other was the French plantation (for example, Cau Dat tea farm was established in 1927) . It was not until later, when the wave of Catholics migrated south, that people organized themselves to live in villages around the outskirts of Da Lat city and began to engage in agriculture and small businesses. After the war, Da Lat experienced significant population movement, and then the land planned by the French to become a temperate tourist urban development deviated from the desired trajectory. When this city was planned, it only served about 20,000 people, but when you read these lines, the population already exceeds 232,000 inhabitants.

At 4 in the morning, a few ladies with lots of hot soy milk began to serve tourists a glass of “10k” (10,000 VND) along with a hot baked potato for travelers after a 300-mile journey. kilometres. There were stationary bikes on the road, and looking towards the Mr. Dao Bridge, the motorcycles began to transport goods to the market in preparation for a new bustling business day. This season there are almost always waves on the surface of the lake and the water is very clear because when the wild sunflowers bloom, the rains in Da Lat also become less frequent.

Sometimes life makes us wonder what if it didn’t have the word “If”? If the 1936 flood had not breached the Cam Ly Dam, they would surely have built the Light Dam and now have Xuan Huong Lake. If they hadn’t built a Lam Vien Square, we wouldn’t have two symbols of cotton now: artichoke flowers and that unique wild sunflower. We don’t want Da Lat to develop, maintaining its dreamy beauty forever is difficult. Da Lat must be developed according to the common rhythm of life of the nation, only we can turn it into a wonderland with hills of flowers and pine forests. A romantic concrete The city seen from above, you see it as a silk carpet from the story Alidin in the 1001 nights of some Middle Eastern country, but there are no patterns or rules at all, it is an irregular product.

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Today the wind is strong, the morning cold on the lake shore makes someone feel alone and lonely, the cold is not on the skin, but in the cold and lonely heart. That’s why people are afraid to come here alone, but when they bring their lover they are also afraid, we have so many fears. It is true that humans are more emotional than rational, we are often afraid of many things instead of being brave and determined in our own way.

These days the sun usually rises later than usual because, as the saying goes, “the May night has not yet set, it is already dark, the October day has not yet smiled.” This season is windy, so we rarely see the dew on the surface of the lake, just a glimpse of the light falling from the lamp posts around the lake interspersed with dew drops on the green grass. Pink clouds also gradually reveal themselves over the pine branches in front of Cuu Hill. Tourists sitting here most enjoy feeling the cool breeze, smelling the aroma of a cup of hot soy milk and listening to the aroma of many types of flowers emanating from the trees. from the flower garden in the city center. The most beautiful moment is every ray of sunshine that passes through every pink cloud. I wonder if the musician Trinh Cong Son saw the sunrise on the shore of this lake and then when he returned to the Trinh Tower on Nguyen Truong To street in Hue city, he remembered About this sunrise, did you compose the song “Red Clouds”? “?

“The sky gives sunshine to the roses

The clouds pass quickly and I feel sad

It was still raining like the day I visited.

The clouds silently raise the wind”

The sun is like an egg yolk that mom used to make every morning when I was a student and went to school. Da Lat has many places that make delicious scrambled eggs, but the one my mother has always cooked is the flavor I like the most. The morning sun has risen, many tourists also get on the bus to go to the restaurant to prepare for a new day exploring this wonderful city.

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