Where Can I Travel in Us Without Passport?

travel in us without passport

As an American citizen, there are plenty of tropical destinations you can travel to without needing a passport. But where exactly?

The US Virgin Islands, Guam and Northern Mariana Islands are some of the top travel without passport destinations for US residents. These Caribbean territories boast luxurious cultures, beautiful beaches and endless opportunities for recreation and enjoyment.

1. United States of America

As Americans, we can travel to a number of countries without needing a passport, depending on our destination and mode of transport. For instance, closed-loop cruises beginning and ending in the US offer Americans access to many Caribbean islands without passport requirements; they can also visit Canada and Mexico by car on road trips or travel.

At these destinations, a valid state-issued driver’s license or ID card should suffice as proof of citizenship; alternatively, birth certificates or naturalization documents may also be necessary as proof.

As a citizen of the United States, you possess one of the world’s most advantageous passports – one that allows travel without visa restrictions to 189 countries! Starting 2025, however, domestic flights will require either a passport or REAL ID for domestic flights – so make sure you obtain one prior to that deadline or else it could make getting to your ideal vacation spots more difficult or impossible altogether!

2. U.S. Territories

Many US citizens may be surprised to learn there are numerous exotic travel destinations within their own country that do not require passports, including U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, American Samoa, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, and American Samoa as part of Guam in Asia.


Puerto Rico is one of the top Caribbean vacation spots for Americans, boasting no passport requirement and welcoming US visitors without difficulty. Instead, valid government ID cards such as driver’s licenses provide sufficient entry. Furthermore, this tropical island paradise boasts both urban and outdoor adventures for visitors to discover.

American Samoa is another stunning US territory surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, boasting vibrant cultures and being an important part of American history. Flights are limited but US citizens entering through Honolulu don’t need passports – all that’s necessary is valid ID documentation and an accredited birth certificate.

3. Hawaii

American citizens traveling to Hawaii do not require a passport; however, to board domestic flights (such as those offered by Hawaiian Airlines), new federal security standards do require REAL ID compliant driver’s license or non-driver ID as proof. An exception would be if your trip involves stopping over in another country; then your passport would be necessary.

International travelers require a passport unless traveling from another country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program – in this instance an ESTA application must be made prior to travel.

No passport necessary! Discovering new places like tropical islands or literary-focused cities offers plenty of unique experiences without needing one! Just make sure that you apply for your passport early since current processing times can still take weeks if you do need one and bring along travel insurance so as to cover unexpected costs or cancellations – and have a wonderful journey!

4. Canada

Although passport applications can sometimes take months to process, many United States citizens can still travel to Canada and other international destinations without one. When entering by land or sea from the US, a US citizenship card (original or certified copy), closed-loop commercial cruise itinerary, enhanced driver’s license or enhanced ID can all be used as additional forms of ID when entering Canada from either direction. Frequent visitors might consider joining NEXUS Trusted Traveler Program which expedites border crossings more quickly.

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However, when flying into Canada a passport book is non-negotiable. Children aged 19 or under traveling with an organized group supervised by an adult may present either their original or photocopy birth certificate; Consular Report of Birth Abroad or naturalization certificate to cross the border. Parents or legal guardians of minors should carry with them a letter detailing permission for them to participate on such travel; this helps substantiate their status while expediting border crossing process.

5. Mexico

Journeying to Mexico can be the dream of many Americans, boasting stunning beaches, majestic glaciers and captivating cultural attractions. Before packing your bathing suit and flip-flops for your trip, make sure that you have proper documentation in order to enter the country via land or air travel – including a passport!

Adult US citizens traveling by air to Mexico require a passport book unless using documents approved under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), such as Nexus, SENTRI, FAST or an enhanced Driver’s License. Minors do not require passports for travel into Mexico but must present either their birth certificate or naturalization certificate when returning back into the US.

Permanent Residents will need their Green Cards as proof of identity when entering the country, while Mexican and foreign nationals require a visa in order to travel. Since getting one can take time, it’s recommended to apply for one prior to leaving home.

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