What is the best time to take a cruise in Ha Long Bay? Travel to Ha Long Bay

Du lịch vịnh Hạ Long thời điểm nào tốt nhất ?

When is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay is always an essential question for every traveler when planning a cruise visit to the turquoise waters. Ha Long Bay is always among the top must-see places that cannot be missed. For a Vietnamese, not having visited Ha Long Bay means having missed a great opportunity that he had before his eyes.

This article will give you specific information about the weather in Ha Long Bay and then answer questions about the right time to visit.

Climate – weather of Ha Long Bay

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The climate of Ha Long Bay is a tropical climate of tropical and subtropical deciduous forests, with two seasons: hot and humid summer, dry and cold winter. Temperatures can vary between 15 and 25°C and annual rainfall ranges between 2,000 and 2,200 mm.

  • April May June: Temperature 20 to 22°C, clear blue sky, sometimes light rain.

  • July August September: Temperature 26 to 28°C, very sunny, be careful with storms and sudden heavy rain.

  • October November December: Temperature from 26 to 28°C, warm sun, cool temperature.

  • January February March: Temperature from 18 to 20°C, cold weather plus fog and rain.

Best time to travel to Ha Long Bay

Generally, tourists can visit Ha Long Bay at any time of the year. However, we will present the pros and cons of each moment so that visitors can choose more easily.

April, May, June: the time with the best weather

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This is a good time to visit Ha Long Bay, especially in April, the weather is beautiful, the sky is clear, without drizzle or fog; and so you will have a good panoramic view of the magical beauty of Ha Long Bay. At the beginning of April, the water is still quite cold, between 19 and 26°C, but you can still swim in the afternoon when the sun is shining. At the end of June, the temperature rises to 30-34°C.

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April is the peak season for foreign tourists in Vietnam in general and Ha Long Bay in particular. If you plan to go on a proper private trip, you should book tickets in advance. A cruise should be booked as soon as possible.

July, August, September: high tourist season.

During this time of summer, temperatures are the highest of the year, averaging around 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity. Therefore, many local tourists seek to escape the heat during this time by enjoying a vacation with their families on the East coast in general and in the waters of Ha Long Bay in particular.

Since students are on summer vacation, this is an ideal time for the entire family to spend time together. As a matter of custom, Vietnamese people like to travel in groups, so planning a trip in July and August is best for most people in the family.

The disadvantage of traveling to Ha Long during this time is that the cost is very high, all kinds of services have increased in price, so it will be very difficult for you to find a suitable itinerary for the whole family at a reasonable cost. . Additionally, summer is also when the weather is rainiest, and the risk of storms is very high, which may cause you to cancel your entire trip.

October, November, December: time of peace in Ha Long Bay

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During this time, the weather in the country is quite pleasant, so the demand for beach trips among Vietnamese tourists is not high. With an average temperature of around 19°C across the country, November and December are the most visited times of the year.

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This is a great opportunity for people who want to experience a quiet Ha Long Bay, without any more hustle and bustle. However, this is also a tourist peak for foreign visitors.

January, February, March: cold, foggy weather.

This is not a good time to travel to Ha Long Bay; and in northern Vietnam in general. The climate is cold and humid. Drizzle is frequent; Especially in March, Ha Long Bay is usually covered in a layer of fog, so you won’t have good visibility, plus the water is quite cold and you won’t be able to swim.

Carefully consider the time of travel, the weather and the time most suitable for you. Ha Long Bay is always ready to welcome and bring memorable memories to visitors!

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