Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is an education event focused on listening, learning and allyship.

Curtis Hanson creates an intricate narrative from Jennifer Weiner’s light-hearted bestseller about two sisters separated.

Hanger Project

Kirby Allison was inspired to launch The Hanger Project after witnessing many well-dressed clothing items being damaged by inferior plastic hangers, and has now expanded the offering of quality sweater/polo, suit and travel hangers as well as closet accessories such as ties, scarves and knitwear.

In addition to providing high-quality clothes hangers, The Hanger Project is also an invaluable source for tips on packing dress shoes for travel. Their blog post includes an helpful video that illustrates this.

The Hanger Project, located in Vista, California and operating under Luxury Garment & Accessory Stores is a retail business specializing in Luxury Garment & Accessory Stores with annual revenues between $500K-$1MM. They employ 6 people. Prospecting is made easy using our Chrome extension that retrieves verified contact data directly from LinkedIn or company websites – trusted by over 500K users globally! Get started with your free trial now!

Dockers Men’s Fisherman Sandal

Dockers offers sandals that offer the feeling of walking barefoot while offering stability as flip-flops, perfect for every adventure. Their Cloudfoam footbed molds to your feet for a customized fit while being quick-drying and antimicrobial technology provide long-term wearability so they’re perfect to bring along on every adventure! Plus their durable rubber sole means they will stand up well against weather elements for many more wears and tears on future excursions!

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These classic closed-toe sandals make the ideal accompaniment for jeans or weekend shorts, thanks to their classic closed-toe design with memory foam cushioned footbed and flexible rubber outsole, providing superior support. Velcro closures add casual charm with their relaxed casual aesthetic while distressed man-made uppers create laid-back casual vibes.

These lightweight sandals are easy to carry in your backpack for outdoor adventures. Constructed of eco-friendly materials and suitable for vegans, their hook and loop straps can be adjusted for custom fits while the cushioned EVA footbed provides support while you walk long distances. Plus they dry quickly so your feet won’t become smelly after spending all day outdoors! Perfect for hiking and walking on beaches alike – zero drop design encourages natural gaits while relieving foot pain.

Men’s Zero-Drop Sneakers

If you need something stylish yet minimalist to wear on the go, these sleek and minimal options may be worth looking into. Resembling Clarks and Vans shoes while being made of lightweight leather for easy walking indoors or out. Additionally, their puncture-resistant finishes help protect feet against obstacles like street puddles.

At first, zero drop shoes may seem oddly strange to most first time wearers – especially those accustomed to traditional sneakers or work shoes with drops – but it is one of the main reasons podiatrists and other foot specialists recommend them; these types of shoes help your feet remain aligned properly while decreasing pressure on foot, ankle, and knee joints.

Start gradually when transitioning to zero-drop shoes; wear them around the house first before venturing out on short runs or walks. It may take your feet some time to adapt; once they do though, you’ll appreciate their more natural feeling connection between ground and feet. If in doubt whether zero-drops are right for you, consult a podiatrist or foot specialist first; they can make recommendations tailored specifically to you!

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