For many people, going to Da Lat during the rainy season is not reasonable because there are many places they cannot go or visit. The biggest obstacle is that during the rainy season, the roads in the city and suburban areas are quite muddy because the terrain is mainly made up of steep hills and red dirt, causing quite a bit of discomfort to pedestrians. However, traveling to Dalat in the rainy season also has many interesting things.

Da Lat’s climate has two distinct seasons: the sunny season and the rainy season, the rainy season lasts from May to November, the peak is in the months of July – August – September. In August – September, almost every day It always rains, more often. It rains from 1:00 p.m. until sunset, if there is a storm, sometimes it rains for several days without stopping.

There is a very good passage in the book Beneath the Fog, the chapter “Travel, Rain, Wind and Lament” by author Nguyen Vinh Nguyen: “August and September usually cause great losses, because it is the season of heavy rain, tourists from the region In the sunny plain, few can bear the sad scenario of rains that last day after day, week after week. Sitting hunched in a hotel or walking short distances, taking refuge in the darkness of time is truly too much torture and a challenge. for the love of Da Lat for many people accustomed to living in the delta cities. This is the narration of the report of the director of two hotels, Da Lat Palace and Da Lat Hotel, in 1960. Until now, after more than 50 years , the weather in Da Lat is still the same, the dreary rain in the summer months is still pouring rain. . But as the rainy season falls in summer, many people have no choice: this time the students only They can go with their families.

In the past, when there were few restaurants and cafes, people could only sleep in hotels, but now we have many options. If you are a food lover, we have: Green Leaf Chicken Stew on Ha Huy Tap Street, Cu Duc Phan Dinh Phung Grill Restaurant, Ngon Grill Restaurant right at the top of the market on Le Street Thi Hong Gam and Huong Lam Tuu. for steamed chicken. Restaurants and stews include Ba Toa Nha Go Beef Stew, Phan Dinh Phung Hai Lua Stew, Grilled Rice Paper at 112 Nguyen Van Troi, Nguyen Van Troi Thach Thao Butter Cream, Salt-Grilled Duck Eggs and chile in the Hoa Binh area. , balut in Hoa Binh area, duck eggs in Hoa Binh area.Jar…. These are just a few of the 50+ popular street foods in this misty city.

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If you are full, you can have a cup of coffee with friends. If you like the space of a misty lake, there is Thuy Ta cafe, Hoa Binh coffee area has Tung coffee, a favorite shop of musicians Trinh Cong Son and Khanh Ly, Nguyen Chi Thanh coffee area to see the market night, if you have Bigger and more comfortable space, there is Nhat Nguyen right on the Ong Dao bridge, the Black Garlic cafe at Nga Nam University… If you like places away from the city, there are many other options, but going away will be a bit cold and wet.

I once went to Langbiang on a rainy afternoon. Outside the jeep, the pine forest was wet with leaves. The horses were free to run all over the hill because only when it rained could they be free, otherwise they would have been captured. I travel in a car to earn a little money and thus make a living for my master. When it rains, the road to the top of Rada Langbiang is winding and quite dangerous. Sometimes they have to honk to make cars park on steep slopes and avoid each other more safely. Driving a jeep here is also a thrilling experience! Crossing the Hundred Years Valley, there are only pine trees on both sides, green pine trees everywhere, from time to time we see a few pairs of birds perched under a large canopy, waiting for the rain to stop and returning to their nest. There are some clustered hives. To keep warm during a cold rain, under the roots, there are sometimes some Ganoderma mushrooms growing on weather-stained wooden logs, bunches of white-brown termites… the whole natural landscape so far. as the eye can see.

Fifteen minute drive to the top. This was the first time I saw nothing but a white fog that made it impossible to see further than five meters. The wind outside was whistling at the guests of the same group, so the couple held hands and walked to find a suitable corner. On sunny days, you can see Suoi Vang Lake and the city center from this peak, but in this fog all you see is loneliness.

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There are many people with a more romantic soul who usually choose a room with a balcony on the third or fifth floor, sit and listen to music, have a cup of coffee or a cup of hot artichokes and watch the cars rush home. In the past, Da Lat made people sad because the population was sparse, there were not many entertainment services and taxis were difficult to get around, but now, sometimes when it rains, it is an opportunity to attract business to many restaurants. If it doesn’t rain, people go out to take photos all day, sometimes forgetting to eat or drink, but when it rains, people only have 3 options like above: go eat somewhere, have a coffee or go back to the room to lie down Just sleeping and waiting for the rain to stop.

Today’s youth do not like to stay in their rooms but rather explore here and there. Travel habits are also different: you like homestays far from the center or on pine hills, cooking, drinking tea, reading books and watching Da Lat pass by in the June rains is already one thing. Brilliant. For everyone the value of beauty is defined differently, for many people going out should be to the night market and shopping, some people should go out to take photos and “check-in”, others should eat and explore. who take a long flight from Hanoi to enjoy a cup of hot soybeans overlooking the Xuan Huong Lake on a purple-brown afternoon and then fly back, which is also a happy value.

Somewhere in each of us there is a little bit of romance, even if life is tiring, work is stressful, everything is falling apart, don’t give up… it’s too hard, try to go to Da Lat at least once . It rains and then we cry hard and we cry so hard that no one notices that we are shedding tears. If Da Lat cannot bring you joy, he is willing to share some sadness with you. Sit once on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, have a cup of coffee and watch wonderful life pass before your eyes!

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