Travel News in Kent

travel news in kent

TikTok creator @lotteboo3 recently shared that Kent town Dungeness in Dungeness is home to the only desert in Britain – though its look might surprise some. Continue reading for more.

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Kent’s motorway network serves a diverse group of drivers including local residents, coach tours of white cliffs and castles, holiday resorts or continental countries as well as families on vacation. However, when Operation Stack closes junctions 8-11 of the M20 to make way for permanent lorry parks due to Operation Stack, its effects can be felt by everyone from businesses servicing tourists through to residents commuting home from vacation resorts – impacting everything from local pubs catering for tourists through to residents themselves while business owners as well as tourists say disruption has become a nightmare; although Kent County Council insists it is trying to fix things as soon as possible.

Travel tips

Traveling in Kent can be an unforgettable experience, whether by train or car. While its local ales and ciders may be famed, the “Garden of England” also boasts one of England’s largest vineyards and produces world-renowned wines.

Before setting out, plan your route carefully so as to avoid traffic jams and arrive on time at your destination. That way you’ll have plenty of time for browsing car boot fairs for bargain finds or visiting cafes for breakfast – you won’t want to waste precious minutes sitting in traffic jams!

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