Travel News in Kent

travel news in kent

Kent boasts some of the finest coastal towns in Britain – from hipster-favorite Margate and folk festival haven Broadstairs to charming seaside darlings such as Whitstable, Deal and Canterbury. But Kent offers much more than seafood-laden coastal walks!

Nature enthusiasts will delight in its stunning natural sights such as chalk ridges, dipping slopes and dry valleys. You will also come across traditional orchards, charming ponds and picturesque countryside walks.

Road signs

Driving down a busy roadway, most drivers don’t pay close attention to every sign along their journey. Instead, they look out for certain symbols with familiar messages; their messages become part of your subconsciousness over time. Common road signs act like brands–they give consumers an indication as to what awaits them on each turn of the road.

Kent is home to an army of veterans and disabled people producing road signs. One fascinating aspect of their work is using Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company (BBMC), a charity-run social enterprise. BBMC serves as an important employer, offering jobs to people with disabilities as well as veterans – this important service has been in operation for decades – now they promise to keep going!

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