Travel News in Kent

Road history

Kent lies immediately south of London and boasts some of the UK’s most remarkable road histories. Tunbridge Wells hosted Britain’s inaugural motor show while white painted lane markings that we now use nationwide were first used between London and Ashford back in 1914 on The Old Kent Road, famously featured as part of a popular music hall song about working class life in London.

Junctions to watch out for

With towns and cities scattered across Kent’s expansive road network, certain junctions can become notoriously congested – especially within town centres like Tunbridge Wells where such delays often result from dense traffic flows. Take the A264 Tunbridge Wells junction: this highly trafficked route connects Calverley Road (leading directly to Royal Victoria Place), Lansdowne Road and Dunorlan Park – three routes leading directly off it are particularly busy routes that contribute significantly to traffic delays.

To travel more easily to or from Stansted Airport, avoid junction 25 of the M20 at Stansted as this stretch can become congested quickly. Gloucester Services on the M6 may be an easier and more pleasant alternative, boasting farm shops, cafes, and two nature reserves – providing an exciting change from typical motorway services stations!

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