Travel News in Kent

travel news in kent

Road history

Old Kent Road was immortalised in the music hall song ‘Knocked ’em in the Old Kent Road’, it became one of the initial properties on London Monopoly board and it’s the home of Thomas A Becket pub – all hallmarks of success on any road system in Britain today. But Kent roads made history even outside London; white painted lane markings we now see throughout Britain first came into use near Tunbridge Wells back in 1914!

Junctions to watch out for

Kent boasts an expansive road network that serves both its towns and cities, as well as heavy-duty vehicles crossing over from France into Calais. Due to this high volume of traffic, some tricky junctions may arise during peak times – one such junction being Chevening Interchange on M25; its presence can cause delays during rush hours. Try to avoid this area whenever possible using the RAC Route Planner tool for assistance.

RAC Route Planner

RAC Route Planner & Traffic UK is a free app designed to assist drivers and travelers. It provides maps, directions, estimated travel time estimates and allows users to set a time and date for their trip. However, please keep in mind that using this app while driving could distract from their task at hand.

RAC Route Planner also features an EV charging point finder and cost calculator, making it especially helpful for businesses that claim back mileage expenses for business expenses. Accessible across devices (smartphones and tablets included), it features traffic news as well as an automated fuel cost calculator.

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If traveling in Kent, be aware of any travel news and roadworks planned. There are a number of major projects planned which could cause delays on the roads; additionally, M2 is being repaired and maintained which may reduce congestion; it’s always wise to check local radio stations and allow plenty of time for your journey.

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