Travel in the US Without Passport

travel in us without passport

Holding on to a passport while traveling is essential when travelling overseas; however, some destinations within the US offer opportunities to do so without one.

Tutuila Island in the South Pacific is an American territory where US citizens can visit without needing a passport, offering tropical beaches and breathtaking hiking adventures for US nationals.

1. United States

Travel within the US does not always require a passport; however, state issued ID or driver’s license are sufficient. When air travel is involved, however, government-issued forms of identification will likely also be needed; they may even be necessary when visiting national monuments, federal buildings or visiting loved ones at military installations. Beginning 2025 however, all U.S. citizens flying domestic travel will require either a REAL ID or passport as proof.

Most travelers must schedule an appointment with their local passport processing center. At that appointment, they should bring along their current or expired passport, birth certificate or naturalization certificate, photocopies of both sides of their driver’s license as well as payment for processing fees; be mindful of your time as processing times can differ; plan ahead!

If you plan on traveling outside of the US, obtaining a passport or REAL ID is crucial. For more information regarding passport requirements and fees visit the State Department website; this agency also has a fee calculator where you can determine exactly the costs related to your situation. Likewise, it’s smart to do some research regarding local laws as they could differ significantly from those found within the U.S.

2. Northern Mariana Islands

People are often surprised to discover that America offers a vast array of fascinating destinations comparable to those found elsewhere around the world. From beautiful beaches to mountain ranges, America has something to offer every traveler and no passport is necessary when visiting its borders!

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The Northern Mariana Islands are a hidden treasure in the Pacific, providing relaxing beaches and rich cultural experiences. Visitors can discover natural marvels like hidden waterfalls and ancient lava tubes on this archipelago of islands. Additionally, travelers can learn about Chamorro culture which has been shaped by centuries of Spanish and American colonization.

Nationals from Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland who do not yet participate in the visa waiver program require valid passports in order to enter the Northern Mariana Islands. Other nationals can enter without one as long as their flights do not stop in any international locations that require passports.

Guam’s charm makes this tiny island an irresistibly alluring destination, known for its stunning beaches, Polynesian culture, and World War II history. Plus there’s plenty of world-class restaurants, shopping opportunities and thrilling nightlife to enjoy – no passport is required for travel to Guam but visitors should make sure that their flight doesn’t stop in Incheon or Narita as these may include unexpected stops that require passport validations.

3. Guam

Guam, one of the latest additions to U.S. citizens’ list of tropical travel destinations without needing a passport, boasts stunning beaches, vibrant culture and world-class shopping. Furthermore, its natural surroundings boast abundant marine life including diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Guam is easy to reach by air, with regular flights departing Honolulu on nonstop flights. Visitors can experience its breathtaking beaches, scenic trails, heritage sites and Chamorro culture (with influence from Spanish and American cultures as well). While tipping is common here, visitors will also experience warm hospitality from its friendly inhabitants – tipping is even common!

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As with any international travel, Guam must be carefully planned before departure. To stay healthy while visiting this island nation, the CDC advises obtaining vaccinations against hepatitis A, B, typhoid and influenza; additionally the US State Department offers additional travel information about Guam and other nations around the globe. Travelers should also be mindful of local laws regarding sexuality – many countries don’t recognize consensual same-sex marriage and may make homosexual activity punishable by law with severe punishments; LGBTQIA+ travelers should stay aware of such laws when visiting this island nation!

4. Puerto Rico

Although most travelers seek exotic travel experiences in Europe, Asia or South America, the United States also boasts breathtaking destinations – from beaches to mountain ranges in each state of its various regions – offering visitors something exciting. Many people don’t realize that certain of these spots require no passport – including Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico, an American Caribbean island, does not require passports from US citizens, making it a fantastic alternative to more popular non-passport required destinations in the Caribbean. San Juan provides all of the excitement and cuisine associated with major metropolitan cities while still offering breathtaking natural beauty in more secluded spots.

Culebra and Vieques offer more tranquil Caribbean vacation experiences with gorgeous beaches and vibrant coral reefs, while San Juan boasts vibrant night life and vibrant cultural activities for an authentic Puerto Rican experience.

Non-US citizens require a passport when travelling to Puerto Rico; however, Green Card holders do not. Instead they can use similar documentation as when traveling domestically in the US such as driver’s licenses and official military ID cards for air travel to Puerto Rico. While no passport is strictly necessary to visit Puerto Rico it is still recommended that valid identification be carried at all times for hotel check-in and rental car agreements.

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