Travel in the United States Without Passport

travel in us without passport

American citizens and residents may travel within their 50 states and its territories without needing a passport; all that’s needed is valid ID showing your picture, name and place of residence.

Additionally, United States citizens traveling on closed-loop cruises can enter Canada without needing a passport.


Travelers to Aruba require a passport regardless of how they arrive at their destination, even if arriving via cruise ship or plane from outside the US. Even so, it would be wise to carry one just in case there are delays or other complications during your journey.

Work travelers to Aruba must provide proof of adequate funds, as well as submit a declaration of guarantee signed off by a sponsor in Aruba willing to stand as the tourist’s guarantor for his or her expenses.

Visa-free travel enables more spontaneous plans and take advantage of last-minute deals that may arise, without worrying about getting one beforehand – something which can often be stressful. While crime in Aruba is relatively low, visitors should still exercise extra precaution when visiting nightclubs and bars; any incidents should be reported promptly to local authorities.


Barbados, located in the Atlantic Ocean, boasts an expansive history dating back centuries. Renowned for its rum distilleries, beaches and golf courses – as well as its natural splendour attracting snorkelers and divers – Barbados draws visitors with its rich rum culture, beaches and golf courses as well as its coral reefs attracting snorkelers and divers alike.

Tourists staying for up to six months do not require a visa; however, they must present a passport valid throughout their stay in the country as well as evidence of return travel and sufficient funds.

Barbados is governed under a constitutional democracy with an executive branch consisting of a president and chief of state. Additionally, this island nation features a free-market economy and belongs to the Caribbean Community.

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Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises travelers to review the Visa Waiver Policies of their destination countries prior to traveling there, as this information can change quickly and significantly impact trip plans. To ensure a hassle-free journey, be sure to verify all entry requirements with either its embassy or high commission in advance.


Dominica, also known as the Caribbean Nature Island, offers lush forests, hot springs and beautiful beaches – ideal conditions for investing. Dominica provides investors with passport and citizenship by investing in its country; aside from being an eco-paradise it also has an efficient economy offering world-class health care, education and entertainment; its low cost of living makes Dominica an excellent option for families traveling with children abroad.

Dominica has implemented policies and incentives designed to attract foreign investment and qualified individuals, including an advantageous tax regime that does not impose wealth, capital gains or death taxes on its residents and citizens alike. Furthermore, the government offers an efficient naturalization process which allows investors to bring family members with them when moving to Dominica.

Dominica residents enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 135 countries and territories, such as Europe’s Schengen area, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US. However, their list of visa-free destinations changes regularly as countries negotiate new travel agreements or implement temporary restrictions.


Honduras is a developing nation with a tropical climate. Flooding and mudslides may occur seasonally, affecting travel in certain areas. Honduras features rugged terrain composed of mountains, coastal beaches and jungle lowlands – its capital city Tegucigalpa being a bustling urban center; other cities such as San Pedro Sula Tela La Ceiba Bay Islands are smaller but less developed.

Violent crime remains a widespread issue throughout the country, particularly targeting foreigners visiting tourist areas. Petty theft can also be an issue and visitors should avoid walking around town after dark without carrying photo ID.

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U.S. citizens traveling to Ecuador require valid passports and proof of onward or return travel, along with letters from hosts inviting them, detailed itinerary plans and any necessary vaccinations (yellow fever and hepatitis A/B vaccines are highly recommended – contact your local public health department for details), written permission from nontraveling parents/legal guardians to travel (children under age 21 must obtain written notarized permission to travel prior to traveling), tsunami warnings are issued after major earthquakes occur and tsunami watches issued after major earthquakes occur – travelers must ensure adequate preparation before traveling overseas.

St. Thomas

St. Thomas should be at the top of your itinerary if you plan to visit the gorgeous US Virgin Islands, as it offers breathtaking beaches, delectable cuisine, and exciting activities – making it one of the best places for families with young children to visit.

Officially, the Virgin Islands lie within US marine borders; therefore, US citizens don’t require a passport to visit St. Thomas. This allows American to explore this picturesque island freely with friends or family without worrying about passport requirements.

Charlotte Amalie, the main town on St Croix, offers an ideal blend of shopping, cuisine and Caribbean history. Stroll the narrow lanes to admire Danish, Dutch and French buildings constructed during various eras; admire the impressive 18th-century staircase near Blackbeard’s CastleandFort Christian; or climb up and admire its 99 Steps near Blackbeard’s Castleand Fort Christian. For beachside lunch at Lindquist Park or Magens Bay Beach (both are very touristy); for an adventure, try fishing or sailing/scuba diving at Red Hook or swimming in the calm waters at Sapphire Beach near Coki Beach (or just discover myriad marine life at Coral World Ocean Park near Coki Beach).

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