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travel in tagalog

Philippines has long been one of Asia’s premier travel destinations. Our Detourista blog strives to inspire Filipinos to follow their dreams without being held back by obstacles and limitations.

This course provides an engaging way to quickly acquire essential words and phrases necessary for travelling in the Philippines. Start learning now!

Pinay Travel Junkie

Angel Juarez describes himself as a “software engineer by day and traveler by night”, and his Instagram feed showcases stunning photographs from across the Philippines. As an avid culture vulture with an insatiable appetite for new experiences, his blog, Possibly Pinay, spotlights flavorful Filipino food, vibrant festivals, and incredible destinations that could rival some of the world’s most extravagant locales – without incurring exorbitant travel costs.

Ivan Henares, one of the pioneers in Philippine travel blogging, advocates for the preservation of Philippine heritage by sharing his travel experiences on his blog Ivan About Town. Having visited all 81 provinces of the country, Ivan is an invaluable source of local culture information.

Gael Hilotin can serve as your motivation for solo backpacking. A former banker turned full-time travel blogger, she advocates a life of travel – not only as a hobby, but also an opportunity to discover more of ourselves through travel. On her blog she provides practical tips for making travel work even with work and family commitments, volunteering travel opportunities as well as travel volunteerism initiatives. Visit her website, Facebook page and Twitter feeds for an inspiring travel experience; from exploring world famous locations like Thailand to discovering your own backyard – she believes travel should be part of everyone’s daily lives.

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Pinoy Adventurista

Pinoy Adventurista is one of the Philippines’ top travel blogs, focused on inspiring and motivating its readers to pursue their dreams while discovering new places and experiencing adventures of their lives. It features various destinations – including Batangas – while providing tips for traveling safely at an economical cost.

Aileen Adalid is a travel blogger who left her job to explore and document her adventures around the globe. Visiting all seven continents, Aileen is living proof that travel can be achieved on any budget, encouraging others to embark on their own journeys.

Kach Medina Umandap of Two Monkeys Travel Group provides budget-conscious recommendations for travelers in both the Philippines and overseas, including visa application guides. She even offers tips and other useful advice.

Are you traveling to the Philippines soon and in need of a discount? Pinoy Adventurista’s offers and promotions could help stretch your budget further so that you can experience all its beauty. Additionally, subscribe to their email newsletter so they can send the latest promo codes right to your inbox!


The website is a travel blog in Tagalog which offers up-to-date social events, eating spots, activities to do and other useful information for both locals and travelers from abroad. Additionally, its writer shares tips and insights that will allow others to experience the Philippines more deeply.

Laquatsa is a travel blog in Tagalog designed to assist individuals in finding affordable hotels and restaurants across the Philippines, while also featuring its most cost-effective attractions.

Allan Barredo chose the Hiligaynon word lantaw (to view) as his website name because he photographs unique and unexpected perspectives in each place he visits – making his website essential reading for anyone traveling through the Philippines.

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Pinoy Travel Blog

Pinoy travel blogs offer inspiring stories, guides and itineraries from local adventures that provide a break from city life. Additionally, Pinoy bloggers specialize in budgeting and planning to help their readers save money when planning trips!

Lakwatsero, one of the Philippines’s premier travel blogs, features breathtaking landscape photos and tips on visiting local destinations. Author Wil Dasovich moved to the Philippines in order to discover his Filipino heritage; this led him on an extensive travelogue throughout the nation – creating videos such as Sexiest Islands in the Philippines and Overnight in Vietnam which went viral online.

Pinoy Adventurista, founded in 2005 by Mervz Marasigan, has been one of the best travel blogs to explore Philippine provinces since visiting all 81 of them himself in 2005. Additionally, his blog features various adventure activities like hiking and trekking as well as offers helpful travel tips.

We Are Sole Sisters is another excellent option that showcases female travel bloggers. These bloggers are avid wanderlusts, cam-whores, adventure junkies and tourism ambassadors who share their escapades to inspire others and promote women empowerment while gaining more insight into each place they visit.

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