Travel in Hindi Meaning

travel in hindi meaning

Travel in Hindi refers to any act of traveling between distant geographic locations – this could involve walking, driving, riding a train or plane, taking a cruise, etc.

As with other major languages, Hindi features grammatical gender. This form allows it to differentiate the days of the week, months of the year, and numbers; and additionally has special diacritics for vowels and consonants.


Travel is the act of traveling from one location to the next, either one-way or round trip by car, train, bus, airplane or boat. Travel may involve one way travel as well as stops between destinations on business trips or vacations. Travelling can be an enriching experience that enriches one’s life experience.

Although English is the primary language spoken throughout India, learning some Hindi travel words and phrases can prove invaluable when traveling through this vast nation. Locals will appreciate your efforts at learning their language; doing so may even help bridge cultural gaps. Furthermore, having basic Hindi words available could prove crucial if an emergency arises like health issues or accidents occur.

Utilizing some basic Hindi travel words and phrases such as, “Where is the bathroom?” and “kitne pese?,” (How much does it cost?) will prove invaluable when bargaining at bazaars, while you can use “auto wale bhaiya,” to hail an autorickshaw driver. With these simple Hindi travel words and phrases at your fingertips, navigating India with confidence should become second nature very quickly! Soon you will be speaking like a native and truly experiencing its rich culture!


Travel is the act of traveling between distant geographic locations. This may involve using multiple modes, including foot, bicycle, automobile, train, bus, airplane, boat or ship and may be one-way or round trip based. Travel can also involve relatively short stays between movements as in tourism cases.

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Learning basic Hindi will make your journey through India much smoother! Showing respect to locals by speaking their language makes bargaining, ordering food and getting around easier – while Hindi remains India’s primary spoken language, many from its northern and northeastern regions may speak their own mother tongues instead.

India boasts 22 official languages and dialects are often spoken simultaneously! Hamariweb English-Hindi Dictionary is an invaluable tool to assist with understanding Hindi’s subtle nuances. Translating words from English into Hindi and vice versa and offering multiple definitions for each term as well as synonyms/antonyms makes finding meaning quick and easy! With over 1 million entries regularly updated this PDF-format dictionary makes an ideal reference guide!


Travel is the act of traveling from one place to another using any mode of transport such as walking, bicycling, carpooling, bussing, train-riding or shipping – on foot, bike, carpooling, bussing, plane-riding or ship. Travel can involve taking one trip or multiple journeys across different regions at one time with short stays between movements for tourism purposes or leisure travel – whether alone, in groups, with family members or on business. Traveling can also serve recreational, business and adventure purposes alike!

Travel is defined in English as the act of going from one location to another; similarly, pilgrimages frequently use the term yatra to refer to their pilgrimages to holy sites.

Hindi contains many words to describe travel, such as bhosdi ka, clna and bhosdi ke, to refer to someone who travels often or enjoys doing so. When using these terms it is important to remember they are slang terms and should only be used responsibly.

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Hamariweb’s online dictionary features multiple Hindi translations for Traveling. In addition, you can search our English to Hindi dictionary with ease and find their meaning as well as synonyms and antonyms. Our English to Hindi dictionary is free, fun and easy to use; helping to expand your vocabulary while teaching new languages at the same time!


Touring is a form of travel which entails visiting several different places on an extended trip, usually by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, bus, ship or airplane. Tours may feature either one-way or round trips.

Touring, or “voyaging”, comes from Latin word meaning voyage or journey. Touring has become a ubiquitous term used both in English and other languages such as Hindi; for instance in this last language its term for travel is known as Yatra or Yatra-rom.

Other words similar to commutation include cruising, drive, excursion, expedition, flying, hop and junket; movement navigation overnight passage peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination passage peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination peregrination passage peregrination peregrination peregrination peregranation peregrination peregriation pereguination via flying hop junket/junket/junket movement navigation overnight movement pere pere-ride).

Hamariweb’s online dictionary features an expansive vocabulary with Hindi meanings and pronunciations that can be searched easily using its search box. This useful resource makes learning new words simpler while improving linguistic abilities.

Tour is often used to refer to visits to places known for their architecture or natural beauty, religious pilgrimages (for instance the Canterbury Tales tell the tale of pilgrims heading off on such a tour), or as slang term used to refer to someone with good body or attractive features (yatra in Hindi).

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