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Travel in Hindi Meaning

travel in hindi meaning

Travel is defined as any activity involving movement between distant geographic locations, or being taken on a tour.

Knowing some Hindi travel words will be useful when looking for authentic Indian dining or purchasing local products; not to mention they’ll help with bargaining with vendors!


Travel is the practice of moving between distant geographical locations by any means necessary, including walking, bicycling, driving an automobile or taking any of a variety of public or private transportation modes like busses, trains, ships or planes. Travel may also involve short stays between successive movements as part of tourism activities.

Hindi word for travel and pilgrimage alike: Yatra

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Pilgrimage is the practice of traveling to places of special significance for religious or sentimental reasons, or to commemorate someone who has passed on. These journeys may be long and tiring; nonetheless, pilgrimages provide valuable knowledge or insights that could transform one’s life.

Pilgrimage in Hindi is written as tirthayatraa or tirthyaatra in roman. Our Hindi dictionary has many English to Hindi translations for pilgrimage; simply copy and paste into our dictionary or use our search box to view them all. Similar terms include crusade, excursion, expedition mission tour travel trip wayfaring

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Journey can refer to any physical travel between locations or processes; either literally or metaphorically. Journey is also used as an umbrella term for any process that leads to change, discovery, or transformation – such as motherhood! In both its literal and metaphoric senses it encompasses long and difficult processes while offering opportunities and rewards at every step. For example: India trip = journey

Journey has 13 Hindi equivalents that include adventure, airing, beat, campaign, caravan, circuit constitutional course crossing drive expedition exploration hike itinerary jaunt junket march migration odyssey outing patrol peregrination pilgrimage progress promenade as well as promenade promenade promenade promenade promenade promenade promenade promenade progress promenade progress promenade progression promenade promenade progress promenade. Other similar words include ramble ramble ramble ramble roaming round route runner run safari surveyed survey tour, run safari ran safari ran safari ran safari ran into something wild enough that survey or tour was found, such as what transpired from it all or tramping around something or similar words such as this journey was taking place; similar words would include ramble, range, roaming round route run safari survey tour and tramping to name just some words like these for example! Also similar terms could include ramble, range roaming round route run safari survey tour and tramp as well as tramp etc…

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Tour is a leisurely journey that involves visiting multiple destinations over an extended period, often for pleasure or business purposes. Performers or athletic teams may take tours too. Tour and trip are sometimes used interchangeably but there are important distinctions between them both.

India can provide an amazing travel experience; mastering just a few key Hindi phrases will unlock authentic experiences and deepen relationships with locals. Gracing local culture with respectful greetings like Namaste can demonstrate this appreciation. Or use simple questions like Iss jagah ka naam hai (What is this place called?) and Kitne door hai? (How far away?) to request directions or help.

Learn terms related to local landscape, like rangoli (colorful patterns made with colored powders or flower petals) and sundar (beautiful). Tour is often synonymous with bout, circuit, course, cruise, excursion, expedition, getaway, hitch-hiking, hopscotching, jaunting junketing overnighting peregrination road run shift spell stretch stump swing travel trek trick turn voyage weekend


Journey: any trip taken to reach distant locations by foot, bicycle, car, bus or train – and sometimes ship or plane too – that involves one way or round trip travel and may include stops along the way for sightseeing, shopping and visiting friends and relatives; it could even be religious pilgrimage or adventurous expedition!

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