Travel in Her Shoes

Traveling isn’t always comfortable or stylish unless you pack the appropriate shoes! When exploring mountains or strolling along beaches, comfort and style should go hand-in-hand.

Aggie Lal, known by her 845,001 Instagram followers as Travel in Her Shoes, offers up a few travel tips.

Dress Shoes or Heels

Dressing appropriately involves matching your shoes to your outfit, but if heels aren’t your cup of tea there are other women’s dress shoes available that still look polished without them – from sleek flats that pair nicely with cocktail dresses, trendy loafers that pair nicely with trousers and dresses as well as ballet flats which provide the same dressy elegance but with more comfort than heels.

Heels are a timeless classic, perfect for formal events where your legs deserve to shine. Heels also add height and confidence, so be careful not to overdo it when standing or walking all day long in them!

One travel blogger who relies heavily on Instagram and video content was recently threatened with being sent home if she did not switch from flats to heels – Aggie Lal, known to her millions as Travel in her Shoes, faced similar pressure. After experiencing online trolling as well as unkind ex-partner comments regarding her short height and huge nose, Aggie launched a petition asking employers to permit women the freedom of choice when it comes to footwear at work.

Travel Shoes or Slippers

Brooke Rowe-Bauer, the Senior Editor for Shoes and Accessories of SELF magazine, recommends these moccasins as the ideal travel slippers that combine comfort, style and odor-resistance – an invaluable combination.

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Aerosoles’ classic leather pumps with 2-inch heels offer Brooke the ideal travel shoes for walking. She finds these comfortable enough to wear all day while still looking dressy enough for Michelin-star restaurants.

Dockers offers lightweight yet fashionable pumps without breaking the bank, perfect for casual travel on both planes and cars. Their hook-and-loop closure makes these easy to wear or remove when needed – lightweight enough for all-day comfort!

Clarks’ Breeze Sea sandals are another versatile choice, featuring an Ortholite footbed designed to feel like walking on clouds. Plus, their durable rubber soles will prevent slipperiness on slippery hiking trails or museum tiled floors.

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