Travel in Her Shoes

Travel in Her Shoes is an engaging family drama with multiple comedic elements. It explores its characters in greater depth than most lighter films while sidestepping any awkward setups involving elderly characters in wheelchairs.

SELF’s commerce editor recommends this dad shoe with normcore appeal for trips requiring lots of walking. It is lightweight and breathable while taking up less space than other sneakers.

New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 sneaker has long been considered an icon of casual sneaker wear; initially introduced as technical running footwear in 1988, its popularity quickly blossomed into lifestyle footwear. Recognizable features of this timeless classic include suede panels and an ankle collar with leather and mesh, along with its colored plastic heel stabilizer and large New Balance “N” logo – these shoes have become staples among musicians wanting a casual yet timeless style statement and those seeking vintage-style sneaks alike.

These sneakers are extremely comfortable thanks to ENCAP technology from the brand and designed with durability in mind, perfect for daily wear. Furthermore, there is something suitable for everyone with their wide variety of colors and styles (including one featuring a platform sole) to find something just right. Plus they make for ideal travel shoes thanks to their timeless silhouette and reliable construction!

New Balance shoes can often be found for around $80 on sale at New Balance, Amazon and other retailers – often discounted by more than half! That makes these deals very appealing indeed.

If the 574 isn’t your cup of tea, another timeless sneaker that makes travel easy is Saucony’s Shadow sneaker. Like its counterpart, this sneaker was originally intended as a daily trainer but quickly evolved into an everyday shoe – suitable for men, women and unisex sizes alike with features including suede/mesh upper construction with leather toe box/tongue combination and colored plastic heel stabilizers.

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Allbirds Tree Runner

The Allbirds Tree Runner sneaker has quickly become one of the hottest items available, quickly becoming one of the bestselling shoes on the market. These lightweight, machine-washable sneakers provide maximum comfort while remaining machine friendly; plus their neutral shades work with virtually every outfit! Additionally, these travel-friendly sneaks can easily be cleaned between uses – perfect for use across different environments!

Allbirds’ shoes are constructed using natural materials that reduce their carbon footprint, including merino wool for temperature regulation and moisture wicking, eucalyptus pulp, castor bean oil, recycled nylon fabric and sugarcane soles for their soles – even socks made with eco-conscious materials are sold alongside them!

Customers of this company’s shoes appreciate both its minimalist style and how comfortable the shoes are when out walking for long hours. Their lightweight construction allows airflow into the shoe, and their merino wool insoles help to prevent foot odor. Unfortunately, though, merino wool may make your feet hot; therefore it may be beneficial to wear socks when using these for extended periods.

Allbirds’ return policy is extremely generous and their shoes are donated to non-profit organizations upon return. Allbirds is working on providing more eco-friendly solutions for its shoes such as trade-in programs for old pairs as well as Rerun (only available within USA). Allbirds makes an ideal option for travelers looking to reduce their environmental impact when traveling.


Hilma’s sneakers are specifically tailored to help runners experience more comfortable runs with optimal foot-fit. Their survey-based process matches you with a style and size that best suit the shape and experience of your foot as well as other factors, like toe box preference. In doing this, this helps avoid painful blisters after long runs says Cathryn Keller from SELF’s associate wellness director team.

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Hilma af Klint was one of the pioneering abstract artists. Her paintings lacked recognisable figures or objects and she experimented with lines and shapes prior to Wassily Kandinsky. Hilma believed she could communicate with spirits to create art which conveyed their messages; her revolutionary art was banned from public display at its creation but only made available decades after her death.

This film examines this remarkable woman as it challenges the male art world establishment of both her time and ours. We follow af Klint’s journey as she paints her first abstract canvas five years prior to Kandinsky, experiments with automatic drawing to conceptualize invisible forces within both outer and inner worlds, botany studies, world religions and natural sciences; and conducted seances as she attempted to communicate with spirits.

Teva Sandal

Tevas can last years when treated properly (provided they’re not cut with machetes or exposed to campfire heat at night), making them an eco-friendly travel shoe option. Lightweight, versatile and casually comfortable; an easier model can often be found for between $40-50.

These sandals come in an array of colors, styles and sizes; the best ones are designed to withstand hiking, camping and general outdoor adventure, including water shoes. Tevas may not be ideal for all situations – if you need more supportive footwear to tackle uneven or wet terrain then check out other options available from our roundup of outdoor sandals.

Teva is one of many outdoor gear companies recognizing sustainability’s value, using polyester webbing made from recycled plastic bottles for REPREVE webbing and offering TevaForever program where old sandals can be recycled instead of ending up in landfills.

Teva Original Universal hiking sandals are one of the brand’s most beloved models, boasting lightweight construction with durable rubber outsoles designed for light hiking adventures and an easy Velcro closure system for quick adjustments.

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