Top 5 Travel News Sources for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

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Finding trustworthy travel news sources that your tour operator and travel agency customers rely on can be challenging in an ever-evolving digital news landscape, which makes knowing which sources your clients rely on essential for staying ahead of the game.

Here are a few reliable tourism news sources: Phocuswire provides travel industry news.

Tourism Review

Tourism Review is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to furthering scholarly and managerially-focused knowledge across all fields of tourism. Published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd of the UK, Tourism Review’s ISSN number is 17598451/16605373 while its ISO 4 abbreviation is Tour. Rev.

Tourism and Travel provides a global view on tourism and travel from an interdisciplinary approach, seeking to understand both phenomenon and industry holistically as an interlinked system. Their interdisciplinary approach fosters excellence in research while building high-level tourism knowledge by addressing key issues across geographic regions cultures and disciplines. Their SCImago Journal Rank stands at 1.878 which measures their number of citations received over 9 years.


Skift is an intelligence and marketing platform dedicated to serving the travel industry, offering news, insights, data services and services such as Skift Trends Reports. Based in New York City.

Among other things, this site reports that Generation Z travellers are predicted to play an integral part in driving growth in luxury tours and eco-tourism will remain on the rise, impacting tour operators and short-term rental companies alike.

Geoffrey Kent, one of the pioneers of modern luxury safari travel at Abercrombie & Kent, serves as its founder and CEO. With extensive knowledge of global travel industry and a strong grasp on its future.

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World Tourism Organisation

The World Tourism Organisation is a United Nations-affiliated specialized agency that advocates for responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain and comprising members such as airlines and airports, hotel groups, hospitality companies, tour operatorss, retail travel agencies, cruise lines insurance companies and investment firms; its aim is to foster global tourism development that maximizes its contribution to human progress, economic progress and environmental sustainability.

Krebs applauded travelers who were mindful of their environmental footprint, allocating tourism dollars toward beneficial conservation efforts or serving as lifelines to underdeveloped nations. He commended those willing to embrace adventure regardless of COVID-19 regulations.

Google News

Google News is an aggregator that delivers users a steady stream of articles across various topics. Users can access it from web browsers, mobile devices and the Google Search app; plus it also provides personalized news based on preferences and location.

Google News requires websites to adhere to technical guidelines. They should feature original content and be regularly updated, with clear dates, author names and contact info as well as no mention of violence or hatred towards any group of people. To be included on Google News, your website must meet technical criteria governing inclusion – this means providing unique, fresh updates that don’t violate Google News guidelines; creating original writing that’s updated often enough; regularly refreshing pages without duplicated data; having unique author names listed separately from them all in clear date order etc.

Niche websites are more likely to be accepted by Google News than general publications with a wide range of topics, if they meet technical requirements as well as being free of errors and typos.

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Travel Weekly

The Travel Weekly is a leading business-to-business travel publication. Offering news, analysis and opinions regarding industry trends in travel, it features print products as well as cutting edge digital platforms. ENewsletters and conferences can also be found within this publication’s reach based in Secaucus, New Jersey.

AirBnb Blog

Since almost every customer of yours has an AirBnb account, it is vital that you remain up-to-date on travel and tourism news affecting them – the AirBnb blog provides this valuable source of information.

Zippia provides an in-depth profile of businesses using data provided from employees or anonymous public sources, such as salaries and political affiliations. The tool offers information derived from self-reporting employees or anonymous public sources.

Travel Daily News

As news media can often be complex and hard to filter out reliably, it pays to know the top travel news sources your customers rely on when researching their own trips. Phocuswire provides research, business resources and topical tourism news related to meetings, incentives, airlines and travel agency industries while Tourism Review covers technology within this space and offers listicles highlighting important destinations or experiences you could include on their itineraries.

Travel Associations

Travel is ever-evolving, making it essential for tour operators and other travel providers to keep abreast of any relevant news and updates. There are a few reliable news sources you should follow to stay abreast.

This news source features articles and research related to business travel. The content is tailored for airline, car rental, hotel and cruise professionals and also features tips on maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Travel news and analysis with a regional focus, first-hand reports and cutting-edge destination coverage make Travel Weekly an indispensable tool for travel agents as well as offering valuable travel industry blog posts and videos.

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