Thien Son Suoi Nga tourism is an attractive destination of Hanoi

Du lịch Thiên Sơn Suối Ngà điểm đến hấp dẫn của Hà Nội

It is not a new place on the tourist map, but the Thien Son Suoi Nga tourist area remains one of the attractive destinations in Hanoi. It is suitable for fun trips on the weekend or returning during the day.

Some details about the tourist area of ​​Thien Son Suoi Nga

Thien Son Suoi Nga Ecotourism Area is located in Van Hoa, Ba Vi, Hanoi. This place is 60 kilometers west of Hanoi city. It is located east of the Ba Vi mountain range, commonly known as the Tan Vien mountain range.


This tourist area is about 3 km from the main entrance to Ba Vi National Park. This place has a cool and cool climate, very suitable for vacations, camping…

When should I travel to Thien Son Suoi Nga?

This ecotourism area will be very suitable for trips on weekends and round trips during the day.

Thien Son Suoi Nga – attractive tourist destination in Hanoi on weekends. If you are looking for a tourist destination to rest, relax or carry out team building activities, group picnics… then this tourist area will be very suitable for you. Summer is the best time to travel here due to the large number of trees and the very cool climate.


Moving to Thien Son Suoi Nga

Because it is only about 60 km from Hanoi, traveling to the Thien Son Suoi Nga ecotourism area is quite easy by car or motorbike. The most chosen route to travel to this tourist area is to follow National Highway 32. The travel time by car is only about 50 minutes – 1 hour. By motorbike it takes approximately 1.5 hours.

By bus: From Hanoi, take the bus at My Dinh Wharf. You can choose 2 bus routes including: 74 My Dinh – Xuan Khanh and 71 My Dinh – Son Tay Bus Station.

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At the end of Xuan Khanh or Son Tay bus station, get off the bus and continue taking route 110, Son Tay bus station – Ba Vi National Park. After getting off the bus at the gate of Ba Vi National Park, you can take a motorcycle taxi or taxi to the tourist area just over 3 km away.



Although most tourists who come to Thien Son Suoi Nga choose to return during the day, if you want to spend the night, you can still choose the accommodation services available in the tourist area itself.

This area has more than 30 rooms and several luxury villas in French architectural style.

What to do when coming to Thien Son Suoi Nga

It has in

Ha Son area with charming mountain landscapes. Bridges were built across the stream so that visitors can walk leisurely and admire the surrounding natural landscape.

Staying away from the noisy city, listening to the sounds of birds, gurgling streams and enjoying the fresh and natural air of Ha Son will bring you relaxation and peace.


Houses on stilts resting on the cliffs surrounded by green trees, the viewpoint is a place for tourists to sit, rest and enjoy the scenery.

Ho Trung Son

From Ha Son area, walk about 1.5 km until you reach Trung Son Lake. You can also consider this as an interesting climbing and sightseeing experience.


Heaven’s Gate Waterfall

Heaven Gate Waterfall is a stunning tourist destination in Thien Son Suoi Nga. The waterfall is like a beautiful silk strip that appears in the middle of the green mountains and forests. This waterfall has running water all year round but is most beautiful in summer.

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Heaven’s Gate waterfall has water all year round.

At Heaven Gate waterfall, you can take beautiful check-in photos. Also, you can try bathing in the cool stream, the feeling will be great.

Swimming pool in the tourist area of ​​Thien Son Suoi Nga

The resort’s pool was built to serve tourists. The pool also has an area designated for children. In addition to swimming, this area will also be very suitable for virtual photos of girls in bikinis.


Note when traveling to Thien Son Suoi Nga

Since June 2020, Thien Son Suoi Nga tourist area has added rules to not cook or use fire when arriving at the tourist area. This is an indispensable measure to protect forest resources, especially the Ba Vi National Forest. Therefore, coming here you can opt for a full meal at the resort. If you return home during the day, you must bring prepared food from home.

  • The entrance ticket to this tourist area costs 150,000 VND/person. Children under 6 years old are free, children over 6 years old pay as adults.
  • You must prepare swimsuits to be able to comfortably enjoy the resort pool.
  • If you intend to spend the night in this tourist area, you must reserve a room in advance.

As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Hanoi, Thien Son Suoi Nga tourist area can be an option when you want to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the fresh and peaceful nature.

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