Part III

Dalat old market seen from above

What do you eat the most for each meal in this city? Is it vinegar salad? There are many lettuces sold in the market, but the best ones are sold by motorcyclists behind iron baskets, because the lettuce has to be cut right outside the garden without spending the night or transporting much, sometimes it is less than 5 km from the garden to the market. . The old clothes were wrinkled, the feet were in muddy rubber boots, the face was stained with age spots on the dark skin of the old car of her dreams. They sell about a dozen kilograms a day, enough to rotate their garden. A 30-bed garden that sells one bed a day means you don’t have to think too much about making a living. Although the money is not much, life is not too hard. Life is a cycle between good and evil. You choose to buy from this guy, it’s cheap and fast, but when many sellers are too popular, many sellers do the same, which causes traffic jams and you get stuck.

But when entering the stall, the stall does not block the road and does not cause traffic jams, but the price is too high. If the market only has stalls, the losers will be the tourists, because when they fall into a monopoly, the wholesale game is decided. So what is too much is not good, but too little is not enough, everything must be in balance. So the image of hawkers blocking the outside of any stall will be an image to argue and scare away, but there is one special thing that few people notice: there is no place for people to travel to bring vegetables home like Da Lat. . Almost everyone who comes here brings at least a basket of sweet potatoes, or a few kilos of avocado or bananas. You can bring anything, but every fresh sand in this place you can only use and enjoy right now.

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Da Lat market when there are no customers

How much money are you earning per month? Our base salary currently is 1,490,000 VND a month, some people earn 20 million, then 50 million, others earn much more, but have you ever felt sorry for those who are not lucky enough to work? Not in the market.

Concrete bridge next to Da Lat market – “check-in” dictionary

“Hong Kong on the side of Da Lat”

Da Lat Market is a miniature society, right next to the Nice Dream hotel, a girl with a beautiful ao dai at the front desk earns a salary of 8 million a month but sits in the refrigerator with a pretty face and doesn’t care. outside in the sun or rain. But just 50 meters away, right at the door of the hotel, there was a young man running Grab, waiting for a 20,000 VND ride just to have breakfast because he had no money in his pocket. Next to him is an old security guard in the twilight of his life who only earns a meager salary enough to keep his grandfather and grandmother at home. He many times sat and had a cup of coffee under his service umbrella and remembered that when he was young, he also had a big dream in this city. But when he grew up, he realized that everything there was illusory, except a warm home and the happiness when she cooked and she waited for him to come home at every meal. For him now, having dinner with her every day, seeing her happy is a happy life…

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Now the house can be big or small, the weather can be cold or rainy, food can be served deliciously as long as she is with him every day when the afternoon fades. I don’t know if one day in that home she no longer cooks and waits for him to return, what will become of him? I hope she stays with you as long as possible, life is short so don’t look elsewhere, cherish these moments, the things in front of you! Everyone in this market has a family with a small dream and a way back.

morning flower shop

Nice dream hotel seen from above in the morning.

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