During these pandemic days, when we stay at home too much, our free time feels like it was wasted, sleep takes up half the day, and people start enjoying the time they spend at work. For six days a week, people most love the busy times when they get up early and come home late at night and then, exhausted, lie down in a warm bed without knowing when they will fall asleep. Then people will no longer complain that this city has traffic jams, dust, or wet feet every time it rains heavily. If people learn the lesson of gratitude, they will surely feel luckier to have been born when this city is sinking in the rain than when bombs and stray bullets were falling decades ago during the war, or even luckier when the French were still here. with fights. of tall trees in the center with a few carts carrying betel from Ba Diem to sell. Of course, we are never satisfied with our current life without knowing that every good night’s sleep, every morning we wake up, is a gift.

When people installed traffic lights in this city, many people realized that beauty without lights no longer exists. Da Lat is no longer one of only two cities in the world without traffic lights (the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Thimphu, is currently the only city without traffic lights). When the press announced that yellow streetlights were being installed at the Hoang Van Thu roundabout, the keyword “city of four zeros” was widely searched. If we drove slowly like Da Lat in its early days of development and let ourselves go at intersections, that nostalgic value would not be lost.

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In recent years, Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway was completed, National Highway 20 was repaired, Chuoi, Bao Loc and Pren Passes were repaired and widened. From Ho Chi Minh City, it only takes five hours to reach Da Lat. Lien Khuong Airport opened more domestic flights and more direct international flights, the city began to receive many tourist groups, and a new way called “travel” also developed strongly as a small place. This area becomes stuffy and overloaded every time during vacations or summer. The peak occurred on the public holiday of April 30, 2021, when people witnessed a record traffic jam that took more than 25 hours to reach from Ho Chi Minh City. Then when they come here, people have to fight through intersections for more than 30 to 45 minutes, most of the time they spend more time sitting in the car than visiting the places. The feeling of most tourists who come here on this occasion is that it is torture, no longer an experience or tourism.

Then the fourth wave of epidemic came, the people of Da Lat began to see machinery and equipment concentrated at major intersections, pieces of concrete covered with green moss in the rainy season were lifted, pieces of plastic still had tire marks, the red soil Below reflects sunlight after decades of being on a large construction site in the city. Old friends with deep-set eyes sat drinking cigarette smoke with a cup of coffee, remembering that corner where they used to carry scarves and backpacks on their backs, which are now memories, and telling themselves that it was time to succeed. This street has been transformed. Some people regret it, others criticize it, others support it, but deep down everyone wants this city to develop in a better direction.

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The young people took the opportunity to ride a motorcycle to capture the last moments on a familiar street without red or green traffic lights, they took pictures of themselves with sad eyes, they sighed helplessly because they could only save them. photos. So, many young people who like to create the latest “current trends” always take advantage and want to be the first to take a “check-in” photo on the original yellow light pole of Hoang Van Thu Lake, which is now Hoang Roundabout Go. Thu.

On the morning of October 5, 2021, Da Lat began installing several traffic lights in the city center. Under the plan, the city will install seven traffic signal systems at the following locations:

  • Hoang Van Thu – Tran Phu – Ba Thang Hai intersection.
  • 2. Ba Thang Hai Roundabout – Hai Thuong.

    3. University rotunda.

    4. Kim Cuc Area Roundabout (Bang Khuan Intersection).

    5. Phan Chu Trinh Roundabout.

    6. Hung Vuong – Tran Quy Intersection Cap.

    7. Tran Phu – Dao Duy Tu – Ba Trieu intersection.

    I hope Da Lat will be better and more beautiful with these traffic lights.

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