Keep Up-To-Date With the Latest Travel News in Kent

Kent is a large county with multiple roads, making traffic congestion inevitable at times. Stay informed on any travel news in kent to avoid delays on your journey.

17 August 2023: Hour-long delays have been cleared after an incident on City Way in Chatham.

Kent now has more good news.


Kent weather can pose significant road hazards, particularly during snowfall. To stay safe on your journey, always refer to the Met Office weather warnings before setting out.

Road history can be found all throughout the UK, and Kent is no different. Some of the most significant events have taken place here including the inaugural motor show and implementation of white painted lanes on its roads.

Stay informed with Kent traffic with live updates from RAC Travel Reports. Our travel reports cover every major road in Kent, providing details on delays, diversions and more.


Kent has an expansive road network, connecting villages, towns and cities throughout its vast territory. Due to this fact, traffic congestion and delays may arise at certain junctions and routes – keeping up-to-date on Kent travel news will help you avoid such unpleasantries as possible.

Due to an accident at Old Pattens Lane and Pattens Lane, both directions of A229 City Way have been closed with diversions in place and drivers should expect significant delays.

Due to this closure, delays on A229 Canterbury Road between Boughton and Boughton Hill are also present in both directions. Drivers should follow any available diversions, and allow extra time for their journeys. More information can be found at Kent Police website.

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Kent can be difficult for many travelers. The main roads can become congested quickly as they connect to nearby communities; be aware of local news and traffic updates to prevent major delays.

Idealistically, this stretch of motorway would be crowded with coach tours stopping to see Kent’s famed castles and white cliffs as part of their travels; or families heading to holiday resorts throughout England and Europe. Unfortunately, however, junctions 8-11 have become permanent lorry parks as part of Operation Stack to reduce disruption at Dover and the Channel Tunnel.


Kent boasts a vast network of roads which can become clogged during the summer months as people head for holiday destinations or trade deals at Calais. Due to this concentration of vehicles on the road, delays may arise; thus it’s vitally important that travelers in Kent remain abreast of current travel news so as to avoid traffic jams and delays.

The M20 Motorway connects Dartford in Kent to Thurrock in Essex via multiple junctions and has become one of England’s busiest roads; it was even responsible for Phil Spencer’s death from a fatal incident nearby his home on Location Location Location!. It has seen several high-profile accidents including that resulting in Phil’s demise as seen on Location, Location, Location!.

Collisions on the M20 have caused multiple lane closures this afternoon, creating substantial delays on both directions of travel. Drivers should seek alternative routes whenever possible; normality should return by 13:00.

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