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Kent offers travelers many destinations to discover from forests and beaches to bustling cities, but it also boasts the only desert in the UK: Dungeness is TikTok creator @lotteboo3’s trip for us to take a glimpse of its post-apocalyptic beauty! Stay informed with travel news in Kent with @lotteboo3.

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Kent is a large county filled with stunning beaches, countryside and towns; thus making its roads busy not only with local traffic but also commuters heading into London and lorries heading for Calais’ Channel Port. There’s so much to see and do that it’s essential that your route be checked beforehand in case there are delays along the way – use either RAC Route Planner or kmfm Jamline to help plan ahead!

Kent saw the debut of white painted road markings, used today to delineate lanes on our roads, in 1914.


The M20 running through Kent should be bustling with tourists keen to see its castles and white cliffs, or families seeking pub lunch before crossing either ferry or Eurotunnel. Instead, due to Operation Stack’s emergency measures aimed at mitigating disruption at Dover or Channel Tunnel crossings, much of it has become an almost permanent lorry park – this has had devastating repercussions for villages and businesses along its route; “it has ruined our summer for us,” lamented David Steel of Leeds Castle near junction eight: “people think they can’t access us – knock-on effects reach all the way down through local shops and pubs affecting all aspects of life within its environs.

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