How to Travel in Us Without Passport

While you might prefer more exotic travel destinations, that doesn’t make the United States any less of a worthy travel destination. Many areas provide breathtaking scenery, luxurious culture and thrilling outdoor adventure activities that you won’t find elsewhere.

Find beautiful beaches and secret coves during a trip to the US Virgin Islands or experience reggae’s rhythm on Jamaica, an idyllic Caribbean island where good vibes permeate daily life.

1. U.S. Citizenship

Citizenship offers many advantages to permanent residents, including travel abroad without needing a passport. But attaining citizenship requires an intensive process that includes an interview and fulfillment of certain requirements. To become a citizen, an application for naturalization must be submitted with USCIS along with payment of filing fees that vary based on location and any fee waiver eligibility eligibility.

Citizens may travel freely within and between all five US inhabited territories and three freely associated states–American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico–without needing a passport, as per federal government rules. These islands offer various cultural experiences and historic landmarks like Micro Beach, Mount Topachau, Banzai Cliff etc.

Citizens may take closed-loop cruises that begin and end within the United States without needing a passport for entry or exit, although green card holders who spend six months or more abroad without returning within six months after their visa has expired will be considered abandoning residency by Homeland Security.

2. U.S. Passports

Passports are essential documents when traveling internationally, providing proof of citizenship and identity as well as returning them back home after each trip. No matter whether traveling for business or pleasure or studying abroad – having the proper passport is of utmost importance!

A regular passport is a blue-covered book containing 28 visa pages and valid for 10 years for adults and 5 for children under 16. Applicants must provide original or certified copies of their birth certificates, photo identification documents and recent passport-sized photographs when applying.

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Some travelers travel to countries that don’t require passports, including American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico. When returning home, these travelers must possess an original or certified copy of their birth certificate in order to reenter the United States; additionally there may be government issued documents that assist with reentry, such as state/county birth certificates; Consular Report of Birth Abroad; Naturalization Certificate or even letters from employers that help facilitate this process.

3. U.S. Driver’s License

If you want to travel without a passport in the U.S., you will require either a valid state driver’s license, international driving permit (IDP), or military ID card as identification documents. Furthermore, you must be an official legal permanent resident in your home country as well as free from any medical conditions which could render driving unsafe.

Many countries do not recognize U.S. driver’s licenses; however, most do recognize International Driving Permits (IDPs). You can obtain one at your local AAA office prior to leaving the United States by providing two passport photos, your driver’s license copy and money for its fee.

Posts frequently inquire about entering into bilateral or multilateral arrangements with host countries concerning driver’s license reciprocity agreements or arrangements. 11 FAM 720 provides some general guidance, while EB/TRA maintains more specific details regarding these issues and multilateral treaties related to roads and transport (See Country Specific Information feature on CA/OCS/ACS Internet Homepage or Transportation page on EB/TRA website for more details).

4. U.S. Military IDs

No matter where your travels take you, having your military ID handy is key to an enjoyable and safe trip. Military OneSource can help determine if any updates need to be made by giving you access to an updated copy of your ID.

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US citizens do not require a passport to travel within their 50 states; state issued driver’s license or ID cards as well as military ID can all serve as valid forms of ID when flying domestically. Visit TSA website for a comprehensive list of acceptable forms of ID when flying domestically.

Travel to US territories and freely associated states generally does not require a passport; however, there are exceptions such as American Samoa in the South Pacific which is particularly challenging without one; nevertheless you can still visit its five volcanic islands and coral atolls with proper identification such as government issued ID or certified birth certificate and an airline ticket dated within 30 days.

5. U.S. Passport Cards

In 2008, the government issued passport cards in response to border communities and travelers who often make land crossings into Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and some Caribbean islands. These passports allow Americans to travel without passports for these destinations and can easily fit in your wallet; however they cannot be used for international air travel.

Passport books come with an elegant navy blue cover and contain 28 pages where border agents document your travels as you enter new countries. In addition, passport books include your biometric identifier (such as photo), alphanumeric chip identification number (such as phone number or IP address) and digital signature – unlike passport cards that cost just $60 when renewing by mail. First time applicants aged 16+ require paying $165 while renewal applicants over this age pay just $60 when renewing through mail.

U.S. passport cards can be an underestimated tool for American citizens who prioritize privacy, freedom of movement, and convenience. A Real ID compliant document, you can use this card to fly domestically, notarize documents notarize vital records orders vital records without needing another form of ID.

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