How to Travel in the United States Without a Passport

travel in us without passport

Travel within the US does not require a passport; however, without one or a REAL ID card you may not be able to gain entry to certain federal facilities.

Discover these incredible destinations offering stunning beaches, breathtaking glaciers, and unforgettable outdoor adventures without needing a passport. Additionally, experience world-class resorts, delicious dining options, and exciting attractions for an unforgettable vacation experience!


American Samoa, a US territory, offers adventurous travelers both incredible natural beauty and an authentic taste of Polynesian culture. Tutuila, Ofu and Ta’u Islands form the National Park of American Samoa; here they offer hikers access to unspoiled rainforest, beaches and coral reefs teeming with wildlife.

American passport holders are eligible to visit American Samoa without needing a visa; however, their passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond their date of departure and have proof of onward travel. Travellers from New Zealand, Australia, UK and most European nations can enter via the Entry Permit Waiver Program; this requires having valid travel documents valid for six months beyond your date of departure and paying a $20 USD processing fee.

Tutuila offers several hotels for visitors. The Tradewinds Hotel stands out as being stunning from the outside but could use some major upgrades on the inside. Other options are Pago Pago Airport Inn, Sadie Thompson Inn and Pago Pago Sea View Motel.

Northern Mariana Islands

Are You Searching for an Easy Caribbean Getaway Near Home? Look No Further than the Northern Mariana Islands! Although it might not be easy to access this US territory in the Pacific Ocean, its stunning beaches and water sports await!

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Saipan, the largest island, offers visitors plenty to see and do. Not only is it home to friendly Polynesians and Polynesian culture, but its history makes for fascinating exploration. Learn about life in Denmark at Christiansted National Historic Site or experience bioluminescent Salt River Bay Bay; there are even several WWII memorials on these islands such as Banzai Cliff and Suicide Cliff if that appeals.

Spend some time snorkeling off Poipu Beach with sea turtles, hiking the Hanapepe Trail in Kauai or enjoying rainbow eucalyptus trees at Keahea Arboretum before relaxing on beautiful Hanalei Bay’s sandy beach, perfect for families.

From the US, visiting the Northern Mariana Islands without needing a passport is possible; just make sure to stay updated on travel updates due to frequent typhoons in the region. Australian nationals can receive consular assistance at the Australian Embassy in Pohnpei while Canadian government agencies cannot intervene in legal matters between individuals or interfere in another country’s judicial systems.

American Samoa

American Samoa can be one of the more difficult United States territories to visit without needing a passport, requiring visitors to make arrangements through Honolulu in Hawaii before flying directly there from there. Flights may be limited; nonetheless it’s still possible for US citizens to access American Samoa without one for up to 30 days without needing one if accompanied by government-issued ID and ticket confirmation for onward travel.

American Samoa is the perfect tropical paradise with luxurious culture for travelers to discover. This island features stunning beaches, unexplored rainforest, vibrant coral reefs full of marine life and dining and shopping experiences galore. The ideal time for visitors to visit is November through March although climate conditions remain consistently pleasant year-round.

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Pago Pago International Airport (PPG), on Tutuila Island, serves domestic and international flights. Other airports serving American Samoa include Fitiuta Airport on Ta’u Island (FTI) and Ofu Airport on Ofu Island (OFU), with US dollars being the official currency. Visitors should bring with them sun hats, bug spray and sunscreen as well as cotton summer clothing suitable for touring local villages; for optimal experience it would also be prudent to wear something modest.


Guam is an archipelago located in Micronesia in the Western Pacific Ocean, home to palm tree-lined beaches, vibrant natural wildlife, lush rainforests inhabited by exotic birds and reptiles, and Hagatna being its capital city. Guam boasts a population of 168,783 and Hagatna being its seat of government – it boasts one of the longest histories among US states! Residents know for their hospitality as well as Polynesian culture which they display. Guam also influences American culture greatly as residents celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving Day and July 21 – remembering when liberation from Japanese occupation in WWII!

Guam’s ecology has been damaged by invasive species, artificial reservoirs, wildfires and human activity – this has resulted in the spread or even the extinction of many native species and ecosystems that existed previously on Guam. Therefore, it is crucial to bring along your passport when traveling to Guam.

Guam is an increasingly popular travel destination among Americans, and most visitors arrive there on Caribbean cruises. Most closed-loop cruises stop here – including Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay and Disney’s Castaway Cay – with many beautiful beaches as well as many fun activities available to visitors.

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