How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

how to fast travel in rdr2

Navigating Red Dead Redemption 2’s expansive map can be time consuming, but there are ways to speed things up; one effective solution involves using a fast travel station.

Unlock this feature by purchasing the ledger upgrade at Dutch’s camp and choosing to fast travel directly to a location on the map.

Unlocking fast travel

Rockstar Games has created an expansive open world in Red Dead Redemption 2, designed to encourage exploration. However, getting from point A to B may prove challenging; therefore, developers have created ways of quickly transporting between locations quickly, such as using trains or stagecoaches; however, prior to their use you will first need to unlock fast travel by doing this step-by-step guide outlined here.

To unlock the fast travel feature, first upgrade Dutch’s camp. This can be accomplished by completing Strauss’ Money Lending and Other Sins mission; after which, you will be able to interact with the camp ledger and contribute funds that allow for upgrades for Dutch’s camp as well as purchase fast travel maps with those funds to quickly return to locations you have visited before.

This upgrade is costly and only allows fast travel between towns or specific other locations within the game. There is no way to warp around like in Zelda; to activate fast-travel you must first be stationed at your camp and activate fast travel there. Teleportation might be quicker, but fast travel offers faster access.

Purchasing a ticket

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an expansive game with plenty of ground to cover. Although riding your horse across this vast map is exhilarating, eventually saddle-sore or time constraints may force you off your mount and into towns or other locations faster. There’s a quick route between towns if you know where to look!

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After you complete Money Lending and Other Sins, the second chapter in the main storyline, the first method of fast travel becomes available to you. Unlocking a ledger at camp allows for you to spend camp cash to upgrade either Dutch’s tent (First Things First) or Arthur’s wagon (Next in Line) respectively; these upgrades allow a pinned map on the back of your ammo wagon at Van der Linde Gang’s camp which lets you quickly travel between any town or settlement that you have been to previously.

However, in order for this method to work properly you must have access to a train station nearby. At that station you can purchase tickets and hop aboard an old western-style train that will transport you anywhere on the map. While you can travel without using this method there is another method which involves completing several side missions which could prove somewhat annoying.

Purchasing a stagecoach

Fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 can help you quickly travel between towns and ranches that you have previously visited, though this service does cost money. To use fast travel, approach any stagecoach icon on your map that appears near towns as well as train stations, select your destination from a drop-down list and wait for its arrival.

Once the coach arrives, it will stop at an assigned point on the map and present you with a list of destinations based on proximity – those closer will cost less. When selecting one of them, the game will show a short cut scene depicting its departure and arrival at its chosen destination.

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Purchase of a stagecoach can save both time and money when traveling in RDR2, but bear in mind it may take longer if you have lots of gear to carry. Also keep in mind that animals or bandits could attack on the way to your destination; to stay safe it is always advisable to carry extra ammunition and supplies in your inventory for protection during journey.

Purchasing a train

Red Dead Redemption 2’s expansive map can make travelling difficult, and fast travel options are limited. While players can purchase train or stagecoach tickets to make life faster across its expanse, these services can be quite pricey; but their investment might prove worthwhile for faster journeys across Red Dead Redemption 2.

Trains can be bought at either Dutch’s camp station, or any of the many stations across the map. A cinematic will play before being transported directly to an available station – unlike buses which may be attacked by wild animals and bandits.

If a player needs to return to an earlier station, they can visit Dutch’s quarters and select from the map upgrade menu the option for fast traveling back there. While it does cost an extra $325, this upgrade could prove invaluable should they find themselves traveling back often to camp.

A train’s locomotive is typically driven by a steam locomotive with both an engineer and fireman on board; the engineer controls speed and valves while the fireman supplies coal or wood to keep the engine going; this fire fuels pistons that move it along its tracks forward or backward; before departing, whistles sound to signal departure while its conductor shouts, “All Aboard!” before setting out.

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