How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games doesn’t make much of a fuss about fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it is available. To unlock it players must buy two specific upgrades at Dutch’s Camp in Chapter 2.

As soon as a player approaches a stagecoach in town, they can select any location on the map they’ve already visited and be transported there after a short loading screen.


Red Dead Redemption 2 provides players with various means of fast travel, all requiring hard work. One method is taking the train; players can do this by visiting a train station and speaking to its Clerk; from here they can choose Send Mail/Receive Mail/Train Tickets or Pay Bounty depending on their need.

Stagecoaches offer another fast way of traveling quickly between towns. Players can locate them by searching for icons resembling post offices; typically located near train stations. When approached, coachmen will display a list of destinations they have visited with prices depending on distance traveled; when selected a destination will be transported using short cut scenes; this method costs significantly less than taking trains but unlike camp costs money each time used.

Players can travel quickly by paying lawmen to take them directly to a town they wish to travel to; this option costs both honor and money, however. As another way, vandalizing or killing someone with a bounty in their intended town before surrendering them over to lawmen can also work, although this method is highly risky and may result in early game death; because the game encourages exploration it would probably be best to complete story missions first before using this mode of travel.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most immersive open world games available today, but traversing its map can be time-consuming and time-consuming. Fast travel is possible and here’s how it works:

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Train travel is one of the fastest ways to move quickly across the map, and can usually be found at most towns and stations. To use one, just visit a station and select your desired destination from its list. A cinematic will then play showing how your train chugged its way across countryside until finally arriving at its final stop; costs for such journeys depend upon distance traveled.

An alternate method of fast travel is using a stage coach. Stage coaches can be found in most towns and other locations on the map and work similarly to train stations in that they offer travel destinations listed within them. To fast travel on a stage coach, visit its location and select it from its list before paying an appropriate fee to use its service.

Cinematic Mode provides another quick travel option. Available throughout the game, but particularly useful if near a major town or landmark. To activate it simply highlight an area on the map before mounting up and holding down on View to initiate auto-running mode.


To rapidly travel in RDR2, either take the stagecoach or train. These methods of travel offer fast travel at a higher price, though to do so you need to locate their marker on the map; typically represented by an icon showing a Telegraph pole with train stop icon or the word ‘train’ written upon it, purchase ticket, and ride to your station destination.

Vandalizing can also be used as an efficient form of quick travel in RDR2. Although not an easy method, vandalism requires extensive planning in order to be effective. You need to get close to the town where you wish to travel before vandalising; then perform this act during the middle of the night for best results and to minimize witness interference with this method; alternatively you could kill or intimidate witnesses into not reporting you – killing witnesses will ultimately be more effective in keeping investigators away.

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Once you’ve unlocked fast travel in RDR2, it allows you to instantly teleport to any major town or point of interest you have explored on foot before, such as Valentine, Strawberry or Blackwater. But please keep in mind that this system may reduce immersion slightly and won’t always return you directly back to your gang’s campsite; thus if traveling a great distance be prepared for a longer ride home.


RDR2 requires players to unlock fast travel by upgrading their main camp, rather than hitting a button to do it as is the case in other games. To do this, players need to play through Money Lending and Other Sins mission and hand off debts to Strauss before accessing Dutch’s tent Ledger to donate camp money towards upgrades; upgrade Ledger into Lodgings section and fast travel will appear behind Arthur’s tent.

Players have access to a fast travel option that enables them to quickly travel from their camp to most major cities, towns and other places they have explored in the game, like Valentine or Blackwater. Unfortunately, however, this feature only works from their gang’s camp and only to locations they have previously visited – an infuriating restriction considering using it multiple times in one game day can drain the horse’s stamina core and be particularly annoying!

Rockstar has provided players with other ways of quickly traversing their map quickly. Cinematic Mode provides an auto-run for certain destinations using Cinematic Horse; simply place a waypoint, mount up, and hold down touchpad or view button when on roads to initiate this feature. While not technically fast travel, Cinematic Mode gives an enjoyable solution that moves players quickly around their game world while offering some fantastic scenic views along the way.

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