How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s expansive world can be daunting. Navigating it on horseback may be enjoyable but time consuming – thankfully there are ways that Red Dead Redemption 2 provides speed-up mechanisms.

One convenient method is taking a stagecoach ride; these can usually be found near most towns and major locations on your map. Their fees are quite affordable.

Unlocking the feature

RDR2 differs from most games offering fast travel by taking longer and costing more money to unlock this feature, along with being frustratingly limited. Rockstar wanted RDR2 to evoke the Wild West experience so warping from one fast travel location to the next wouldn’t work like in more contemporary titles; rather, you must first be stationed at your camp every time you want to use fast travel.

To unlock fast travel in Chapter 2, it is necessary to complete several missions. The first of these missions is “Money Lending and Other Sins.” Subsequently, Dutch’s tent will offer the Ledger upgrade First Things First; once this upgrade has been purchased from Dutch for $220 more can be spent to upgrade further with Next in Line ($325).

Once you’ve acquired these upgrades, once a town or settlement that has already been visited before is within reach, fast travel there can be accomplished quickly by using Arthur’s tent map as a marker and selecting it to fast travel there quickly. A short scene will then play before transporting you directly there – this feature provides immense time savings while traversing this massive map more rapidly!

Purchasing a ticket

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers stunning landscapes to explore, yet riding horseback all day can become tiresome and time consuming. Luckily, Red Dead Redemption 2 provides several methods of fast travel to help players avoid long rides on horseback. One such fast travel method is purchasing train tickets – this can be accomplished by visiting any post office and speaking with their clerk who offers various services including sending mail out, bounty payment and train tickets; select Train Tickets as an option when buying tickets and selecting your destination; the game will then initiate a short cinematic that transports you there quickly – though this means leaving your horse behind when doing fast travel – something Red Dead Redemption 2 does not allow.

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Train tickets offer the fastest means of travel in RDR2. They cost less than hiring a stagecoach and allow access to most areas within the game, though one-way use may only work; to return home after visiting another town you may have to ride your horse, hire a stagecoach or buy another train ticket to make that journey back home. Unfortunately this form of fast travel does not work in both directions and not available everywhere within the main story – unlock it as you progress!

Using a stagecoach

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers players a quick and inexpensive method of travel: using a stagecoach. While this mode doesn’t cost any real money, its use does have some restrictions: only being available to access areas they have visited previously and working only within urban centers rather than remote regions or out-of-the-way places.

To use a stagecoach, the player must first approach one and interact with it. Next, a menu with all available destinations will appear; these will include areas visited as well as any established stops within their region. When selected, transport will arrive quickly at its intended destination in a short cut scene.

Fast travel via train is also available after upgrading their camp’s lodgings and contributing to the Van der Linde Gang ledger by completing Money Lending and Other Sins. Once this is accomplished, players can approach the map pinned behind Dutch’s tent and select their destination; once selected, Arthur and his horse will appear there!

Using a train

Red Dead Redemption 2 features fast travel for the first time ever; unlike its predecessor, which did not offer this feature. However, the way fast travel works in RDR2 differs slightly than you might expect: instead of selecting an instantaneous location from your map to jump directly there, players must visit specific places and then return back to Arthur Morgan’s camp to enable it.

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Once that has been accomplished, a map will appear next to Arthur’s tent on the opposite side of an ammo wagon. Once opened, select any destination already visited to travel there with Arthur aboard his train – the game will then show a short cinematic showing him arriving there on track.

If the train is unavailable due to active missions or bounties that you owe money for, its lock symbol will indicate this; once complete you won’t be able to use it. Furthermore, its fast travel option only travels to locations you have visited previously – if a specific place hasn’t yet been visited then fast traveling there won’t be possible.

Fast travel in the game can also be achieved by visiting train stations, which are found at most larger settlements and marked on the map by an envelope icon. Not only can these serve as places to pay Wanted bounties, but they are also useful places for purchasing train tickets to far-off destinations.

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