How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 features an expansive world that can be dauntingly tedious to traverse, yet this game offers players cost-free fast travel methods to help save them time and effort.

One method involves stagecoaches and trains, although they will cost a bit. Another is Cinematic Mode, allowing players to set a destination on their map before mounting a horse and holding either touchpad or view button to auto-run there.

Upgrade Dutch’s Lodgings

RDR2 players will first encounter Dutch van der Linde and his gang’s camp during the opening chapter in Snowy Mountains, complete with donation box and ledger. Along with this comes an upgrade system – starting with lodging upgrade at $200 which unlocks fast travel for everyone in camp.

Upgrading Dutch’s lodgings may seem like a small step, but upgrading this accommodation actually has far reaching ramifications that go well beyond giving his gang members somewhere better to rest their heads. Upgrading his lodgings encourages donations of both money and items for donation boxes, making it easier to raise enough funds for further upgrades later. Once enough money has been saved up for further improvements, map upgrades should be considered: this upgrade can be found in the ledger after upgrading Dutch’s lodgings; at a cost of $325 this upgrade lets players quickly fast travel between settlements that they have discovered before!

Though acquiring these upgrades may take some time and cash, their benefits are invaluable in the long run. Not only can fast travel improve aesthetic appeal but it also allows players to quickly reach destinations that may otherwise take too long a journey – especially considering ammunition can often be hard to come by in the wilderness early on!

Upgrade Arthur’s Tent

Are you in Red Dead Redemption 2 and searching for a fast way to travel between settlements? By upgrading Arthur’s tent, an upgrade that unlocks a map allowing fast travel will become available, similar to stagecoaches but without breaking immersion as much – saving time spent travelling on horseback!

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To unlock this upgrade for Arthur’s tent and wagon, head to Dutch’s quarters and interact with his ledger. This will prompt him to ask you for a donation which can then be given as usual. When enough has been donated, purchase First Things First and Next in Line upgrades at $220 and $325 respectively; these will unlock fast travel maps for both Arthur’s tent and wagon.

Once you’ve unlocked this map, it can be accessed via the main menu by choosing “fast travel” and then choosing an action destination to visit. After selecting, a short cinematic will show Arthur traveling there quickly – although keep in mind that you can only fast travel between previously visited locations; while this helps speed up gameplay by cutting short journey times between activities faster, it doesn’t allow you to travel between different regions in the game.

Upgrade the Stagecoach

Stagecoaches in Red Dead Redemption 2 aren’t simply luxurious modes of transport – they provide efficient transportation and fast travel options that enable players to achieve victory quickly. Learning how to utilize its stagecoaches will be vital in mastering this engaging frontier!

Accessing the game’s stagecoach fast travel system is straightforward if you have enough money available. Contribute to Dutch’s donation box near camp to activate this upgrade; once enough cash has been raised, approach any coach at any town or settlement and approach it to trigger its fast travel prompts.

When the prompt appears, players have two options for travel – to an existing stagecoach stop on the map, or directly to a waypoint they have designated in-game. While either option can help speed up journey time by skipping long drives faster and getting them back home sooner – many players choose the latter because it allows them to return more quickly to camp.

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Although using fast travel is convenient, it should be noted that it only operates one-way between any chosen location and your camp. Therefore if a player wishes to travel from their camp across the map they’ll either need to ride their horse or use train which will cost more.

Upgrade the Map

Red Dead Redemption 2 has plenty to do and traversing its expansive world on foot or horseback can take time, which is why fast travel was included to speed things up. Unfortunately, unlike some open-world games, fast travel in RDR2 isn’t as straightforward as simply selecting a destination from a map and traveling there directly.

Instead, to unlock fast travel via the camp upgrade system and there are various methods you can do so. One is purchasing two upgrades at Ledger at Dutch’s camp: First Things First will cost $220 while Next in Line will be priced at $325; once this has been accomplished a new fast travelling option will become available.

Once activated, this feature allows you to quickly travel between settlements that you have visited before from your campsite. Simply select from the menu that appears when walking around Arthur’s tent and you will be transported directly there. Likewise, this function can also help fast travel between towns if you have visited them previously.

Keep in mind that this form of fast travel is one-way only and that to return to your campsite you must ride your horse or hire a stagecoach. There are other methods of speeding up travel in game, but they require much more legwork and are less convenient than the camp upgrade method.

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