How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast world can be daunting when exploring it on horseback, often taking too long to reach distant locations. Luckily, however, the game offers an option to fast travel.

To unlock it, complete the Money Lending and Other Sins mission for Strauss in Chapter 2. When finished, head back to Dutch’s camp and check out his ledger near his tent.


If the constant riding on Arthur Morgan’s horse becomes tiresome for you, RDR2 offers two alternatives for fast travel: train or stagecoach services which both charge fees; these increase as soon as you travel further away from home with Van der Linde gang.

The fastest option is to travel to a town with a Stagecoach boarding point, easily identifiable on your map as a “telegraphic pole.” Once you’ve purchased your ticket either at a train station or stagecoach, simply hop aboard and the game will teleport you straight to your destination – though note this method cannot be used during certain missions or while having a bounty placed upon your head.

Cinematic Mode offers another method for automatically navigating yourself to your destination. Simply place the waypoint on the map, ride towards it while holding down touchpad/view button and ride towards it. Though this option is slower than others, Cinematic Mode may help ease some of the burden associated with constantly steering your horse around; more frequently using camp fast travel will quickly deplete their stamina core as well. Likewise, destinations you can access this way are limited only those which feature either Train or Stagecoach station locations.


Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast world can be an exhilarating experience, particularly as you explore all its stunning vistas that Rockstar has created to represent the Old West. However, even immersive experiences can become tedious over time; so having an easy and quick way of transport between destinations is always welcome.


RDR2 features several ways to make traversing its map simpler and quicker, such as the train or fast traveling to previously discovered areas. You may also unlock a camp map after making certain upgrades to Van der Linde Gang campsite.

Travel quickly between locations by taking advantage of either a stage coach or train service, which become available after upgrading your lodgings at Van der Linde camp in Chapter 2, indicated on your map by stage coach/train stations. Though train/coach travel costs money, its use only works between locations that feature coach or train stops.

Train fast travel requires two upgrades for the camp: First Things First in the ledger upgrades Dutch’s tent for $220, while Next in Line upgrades Arthur’s tent (an option which costs $325). When completed, an ammo wagon with Arthur’s tent next door will now feature a map pinned next to it; using this tool you can quickly travel between any town or settlement you have previously visited.


Red Dead Redemption 2 makes exploring the American Wild West an exhilarating experience, yet can become time-consuming at times. Luckily, there are several methods available for quickly zipping across its map quickly and efficiently – one option being fast travel on trains or stagecoaches, while setting up camps allows players to easily return to previously discovered locations without needing to travel great distances by horseback.

To take advantage of this feature, players must upgrade the main camp of their gang. This can be accomplished by interacting with the ledger that appears next to Dutch’s tent after beating five missions in Chapter 2, and spending money from their wallet to purchase upgrades that reduce its coffers – cash donations do not count towards this total!

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Once their camp has been upgraded, players can select any destination on the map and instantly travel there through a load screen. While this method of travel may save time and effort, it does sacrifice immersion a bit; players should resist fast-travel temptation and instead explore at their own pace instead. Other recent games, like God of War and Spider-Man have introduced limits for fast travel in order to encourage this type of play.

End of Mission

Red Dead Redemption 2 stands out from other open world games in terms of how seriously it takes fast travel. Most open world titles allow players to access a menu and warp directly to any location on the map that you have previously explored; with RDR2, however, travel is just slightly more complex due to Rockstar’s desire to preserve a Wild West feel by not permitting players to instantly warp to any camp they visit like in other titles.

Instead, to unlock this feature you need to complete various actions. First off, progress through Strauss’ story mission “Money Lending and Other Sins” until unlocking his Ledger. When this has been accomplished upgrades will become available for your camp – Dutch’s Lodgings should be your priority purchase at around $600 and fast travel will become available from within your tent.

Similar to the Stagecoach, this option saves only about 10-minutes per trip on horseback and only works within towns rather than wilderness environments. Another method for fast travel in RDR2 involves vandalizing locations before surrendering them to lawmen; doing so may save both time and money but could incur disgrace and imprisonment penalties for vandalism.

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