How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

how to fast travel in rdr2

Red Dead Redemption 2 features fast travel between major cities, towns and other points of interest that players have discovered – saving players valuable time when traversing its vast world.

To unlock fast travel, players must first upgrade their gang camp. Once this is accomplished, a player can select any previously discovered location on the map in Arthur’s tent and be transported there after watching a brief cinematic sequence.

Upgrade Arthur’s Tent

Van der Linde camp offers two upgrades that enable players to quickly visit locations they have visited previously in-game. One such upgrade, located behind Dutch’s tent and costing $325, adds a map on Arthur’s quarters which can be used to navigate quickly back and forth from locations you have previously been. However, using it more than once every in-game day may deplete your horse’s stamina core.

RDR2’s fast travel works similarly to its other modes. After selecting a destination on the map, a scene will play and transport Arthur there quickly and smoothly. However, unlike point-to-point fast travel found in games such as Fallout or Assassin’s Creed, one-way fast travel requires either riding your horse back home or buying an off-peak train or stagecoach ticket in order to return back home safely.

For players to unlock the fast travel option, they must first upgrade Dutch’s tent to its second highest level via the ledger and donate more money through donations. After upgrading Dutch’s tent, upgrade Arthur’s tent next – adding this upgrade adds fast travel capability while improving camp mood!

Upgrade Dutch’s Lodgings

Upgrade Dutch’s lodging as one of the key upgrades you can make to your camp in Red Dead Redemption 2. Doing this will encourage other gang members to contribute money and speed up fundraising for further upgrades, while also providing fast travel between previously visited locations in-game.

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To access and purchase this upgrade, head over to Dutch’s tent and open it up. The “First Things First” upgrade costs $220 but should be the first purchase as this will encourage other gang members to contribute more and help accelerate upgrades for other aspects of camp faster.

After purchasing this upgrade, players can then move on to upgrade Arthur’s lodging to Tier 3 and obtain a fast travel map at a cost of $325. Ideally, players should make this purchase immediately upon completing the first one; doing so will enable faster movement throughout the game, and save a significant sum by not needing stagecoaches or trains as much in terms of time or cash savings.

Purchase a Stagecoach or Train Ticket

RDR2 provides several fast travel methods without upgrading your camp, including using trains or stagecoaches in most towns to quickly travel between locations. However, this system differs slightly from that of upgrading your camp in that first you must visit the location on which you wish to fast travel before it will appear as an option on your map as a potential fast traveling location. In addition, using trains and stagecoaches may incur a small fee depending on its distance between where you currently are and your intended travel destination.

An additional method of fast travel in RDR2 is purchasing a Train Ticket at either the post office or any train station. Like Stagecoaches, Train Tickets allow you to select a destination before starting up a cinematic showing you riding on your train to it. Unfortunately this method of fast traveling cannot take you back to your gang’s camp as quickly.

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Finally, Dutch at camp offers another fast travel method – Map Upgrades – which will add an icon on Arthur’s tent that allows you to select different locations on the map and instantly travel there via Stagecoach or Train. Although more costly, this fast travel solution saves you from riding your horse or buying Train Tickets each time.

Purchase a Map Upgrade

Red Dead World is vast, making traversing it on foot or horseback time-consuming. To speed things along, Rockstar included a fast travel feature which helps players travel between points more quickly. Unfortunately, this feature won’t unlock automatically as players progress through their game; once unlocked they must purchase specific upgrades in order to use it.

To activate RDR2 fast travel system, players will need to purchase two upgrades at their gang camp. To do this, players should open their camp’s ledger and scroll over Dutch’s lodgings until the available upgrades appear in view. First they should buy “First Things First,” costing $220; once this task has been accomplished they must then purchase “Next in Line,” costing an additional $325.

Once a player has upgraded both of these upgrades, they can fast travel from their camp by approaching the map and selecting their destination. This will trigger a cinematic sequence showing Arthur riding his horse directly there – though this method may not be as fast as taking a Stagecoach Taxi around city streets, it still is much quicker than traversing across an entire map!

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