How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

how to fast travel in rdr2

Unlocking fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 can make the world of Red Dead Redemption more manageable for players. They can use this feature to quickly travel between towns and waypoints – this may involve taking a stagecoach or train ride!

While riding through the vast maps of the Old West can be thrilling, it can quickly become tiresome over time. Luckily, there are various means of fast travel that can save both time and energy for players.

Unlocking fast travel

Red Dead Redemption 2’s fast travel feature can be an extremely useful time saver and immersive gaming experience. Simply look out for an icon resembling a signpost on the map – these will usually be found near towns, ranches or other named locations – then talk with anyone at that station about where you would like to travel to; after choosing your destination the game will automatically transport you via cinematic.

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers players multiple paths to fast travel. First, players need to progress through the story by completing Money Lending and Other Sins mission, after which they can upgrade Dutch’s lodgings at Van der Linde camp for $436 to unlock Arthur’s tent map upgrade option.

At only a few dollars per ride, these bicycles offer fast transportation between towns, cities and other points of interest. Although this method of travel is faster than walking alone, its efficiency still pales in comparison to taking a train or stagecoach.

Buying a ticket

Riding around Red Dead Redemption 2’s massive map can be both thrilling and time-consuming, which is why there are fast travel options such as train travel or purchasing tickets to help players move faster. Unfortunately, these methods do cost money and only work between towns – making them impractical solutions when trying to explore its vast Old West landscape.

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To unlock fast travel, players must reach a particular point in the story. First they must travel to Horseshoe Overlook camp in Chapter 2, complete the mission Money Lending and Other Sins to unlock Dutch’s tent in Van der Linde camp, purchase the First Things First lodging upgrade ($220) and Next in Line map upgrade ($325); these upgrades add maps directly into Arthur’s tent respectively.

After activating fast travel, players can return to their camp and view the map pinned behind it. From there they can select any destination they have been to previously and watch a short cutscene to arrive there; any pelts or carcasses they were carrying with them will vanish following this scene.

Taking a stagecoach

Travel is an integral component of Red Dead Redemption 2, yet can sometimes become cumbersome and time consuming. Luckily, the game provides several easy methods of fast travel such as using a stagecoach – plus your horse will wait patiently when you arrive at your destination!

At most towns and ranches on the map, you will encounter stagecoaches that resemble poles with telegraphic signs – easily identifiable by their icon of an oval pole topped by an “T”. Once at one, select your desired location from a list before being whisked off on an adventure ranging between $5-15; prices depend on distance traveled.

Fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be accomplished in multiple ways, though you are limited in where and when it is available. Train travel can also be faster; alternatively, upgrading Arthur’s tent permanently unlocks fast travel – simply complete “Money Lending and Other Sins” mission and hand in first debt before upgrading Arthur’s tent permanently to unlock fast-travel menu – then access map to select area visited before.

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Taking a train

Traveling across Red Dead Redemption 2 can be a long, drawn-out affair when travelling by horseback. Luckily, however, the game offers other means of quickly traveling between places such as trains and stagecoaches to quickly transport you between locations faster. Although these options offer faster arrival at your destination faster than riding alone, they do have their drawbacks: first theyre expensive; secondly they may feel disjointed from immersion; thirdly you can only fast travel to towns or camps youve visited already.

To take the train, visit your nearest station and speak with the Station Clerk. This will reveal a list of locations youve been to in which you can select one to travel back to – once chosen, the game will display a short cinematic sequence depicting Arthur traveling back there. Alternatively, it can also be used as fast travel from camp for which there will be an additional fee charged.

Unlocking the train as a fast travel method involves purchasing two upgrades at Dutchs camp: First Things First costs $220 while Next in Line adds a map to Arthurs quarters at a cost of $325. Once these upgrades have been unlocked, fast travel to any town or camp visited can be accomplished simply by interacting with Arthurs tent map.

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