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How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2’s vast world is an absolute delight to discover, yet traveling between points may take more time than anticipated. Luckily, there is an effective solution available that can speed up this process without diminishing any aspect of the experience.

Unlocking fast travel can be tricky and require investment, but the time saved from not taking long journeys makes it worth your while.

1. Upgrade Arthur’s Tent

If you want to speed up travel between areas in rdr2, upgrading Arthur’s tent will save a great deal of time by providing fast travel between previously visited locations. Unlike simple teleportation methods, Arthur’s fast travel option requires visiting camp and selecting an option on its map before traveling quickly there. Furthermore, using it more than once per in-game day could deplete his horse’s stamina core.

Players will gain access to this upgrade after unlocking Dutch’s ledger at his camp, which can be done by completing five missions from Chapter 2. Furthermore, speaking to Leopold Strauss will unlock his mission entitled Money Lending and Other Sins.

Dutch’s wagon is equipped with an upgraded tent which costs $220 to unlock. Players can use the map to fast travel between tents they set up in the wilderness – although this only allows fast movement between previously visited locations. Alternately, stagecoaches located throughout towns allow fast transport across other parts of the map.

2. Upgrade Dutch’s Lodgings

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers many methods for traveling: trains and stagecoaches are both options; fast travel can also be an efficient means of travel; however, fast travelling may not always be obvious or straightforward in use. Nonetheless, fast traveling should prove straightforward enough in play.

Fast travel can be unlocked by upgrading the camp’s lodging. Once this becomes possible in Chapter 2, make sure to do it as quickly as possible; purchase First Things First (to spruce up Dutch’s tent) and Next in Line (325).

Upgrading these will encourage other gang members to contribute more money, allowing you to unlock other camp improvements such as Ledger and Arthur’s Wagon upgrades. Upgrading them unlocks fast travel to major towns and cities as well as points of interest quickly; you can even quickly travel from camp to camp quickly for easier search efforts across large regions.

3. Upgrade the Ledger

Riding around Red Dead Redemption 2’s expansive map can be time consuming. But there is a way to speed things up: just do some preliminary work before setting out.

Once settling at Horseshoe Overlook camp during Chapter 2, you’ll access both the Ledger and Camp Donation Box. Make regular contributions of cash or items to both, lest Dutch and Miss Grimshaw pursue you, before eventually unlocking the Ledger to allow upgrades like Lodgings before fast travel becomes available.

Once you’ve upgraded the Ledger, pressing at Arthur Morgan’s tent will allow you to access your fast travel menu and choose an available destination from there. Just keep in mind that using it more than once in-game day may significantly deplete your horse’s stamina core; watch a quick video by TagBackTV as an example.

4. Upgrade Arthur’s Wagon

Once players progress far enough through the prologue and have established camp in Horseshoe Overlook with Dutch’s Van der Linde gang, they can contribute funds through a donation box and ledger located behind his tent. Assimilation of enough contributions will enable players to purchase upgrades for their camp such as adding fast travel mapping capabilities to Arthur’s wagon for $325; this upgrade enables fast travel between major towns or other points of interest on the map that players have previously visited.

While fast travel can be an efficient means of traversing a large map, use of it more than once each in-game day will quickly deplete its stamina core and necessitate additional stamina replenishment from other methods available throughout most towns (stagecoaches or transport options such as Uber). Also remember that fast travel only works one-way from your gang camp so bring along a saddleback if you want a swift return trip!

5. Upgrade the Map

RDR2’s massive open world Western setting can make traveling slow and tiresome, but fast-travel is possible without detracting from immersion or altering the experience. This guide details how to unlock and use RDR2 Fast Travel system so players can traverse the map in less time without missing key events and encounters that make up this thrilling game experience.

To unlock quick movement across the map, players must upgrade Dutch’s camp by visiting his ledger behind his tent after completing Money Lending and Other Sins missions for Leopold Strauss.

Once they purchase an upgrade, players can visit their camp and select an area of the map they have previously explored for instant travel via cinematic. They may also utilize Stagecoaches located at most towns, ranches and other named locations on the map to quickly traverse between destinations.

Relying too heavily on camp fast travel could cause your horse’s stamina core to deplete quickly, so only use it when necessary. Although not available in multiplayer, train can still provide quick movement across the map.

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