How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s expansive map can be time-consuming to explore, but there are ways to speed things up.

Fast travel can be unlocked by upgrading Dutch’s camp after completing Money Lending and Other Sins (a Strauss mission).

This method requires purchasing a ticket at a train station and selecting your destination. After you do that, a cinematic sequence plays to take you there.

Unlocking fast travel

RDR2 offers various means of fast travel across its massive world. Traditional options include using trains or stagecoaches; however, players can also fast travel from their base camp directly, select locations they have previously been to from the MAP screen, or fast travel from any previous journey they have made using fast travel features.

Unlocking fast travel from your base camp is an engaging and efficient way to experience fast travel, eliminating long horseback journeys while simultaneously protecting you from hostiles or predators on the road. To access fast travel, first complete Strauss at Dutch’s camp’s Money Lending and Other Sins mission where debtors need to be tracked down for payment collection purposes – when complete talk back to him again so he can show you how to use Dutch’s ledger towards upgrades at Dutch’s camp.

Once you’ve added enough to the ledger, open it up and navigate to Lodgings section. From here, upgrade Arthur’s tent in order to use it as fast travel hub. After doing this, open up game map behind Arthur’s tent to view list of areas which you can fast travel to; selecting any will have him magically appear there with his horse!

The first method

One of the more frequently asked questions in RDR2 is how to quickly travel between towns or major locations quickly, and there are several methods players can employ to do just that. One such way involves using the Stagecoach that can be found scattered around the map – to use one, players simply approach one and initiate a short cut scene of Arthur taking it directly there – this method costs more than using camp, but can provide quick travel between important landmarks quickly.

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Another option for travelers is taking the train. Simply visit any station and purchase a ticket – prices usually less than those found for stagecoaches! Lastly, players can ride with friends by heading into a town and visiting its Travel Agent in its main square.

These options are all at your fingertips in Red Dead 2, and allow for swift travel between towns and significant locations in the game. However, none will allow access to cities or large areas; this decision was deliberate as Red Dead 2 wants its players to explore its vast world more extensively than ever. Luckily there are ways that players can expedite travel between towns quickly without disrupting immersion too much.

The second method

There’s nothing more alluring than exploring an enormous world. Grand Theft Auto V and Skyrim set the bar when it comes to offering vast open worlds packed with secrets, but traversing such vast environments takes a considerable amount of time – which may become frustrating at times. RDR2 offers fast travel for those who’d rather conserve some energy.

To unlock this feature, you’ll have to upgrade Dutch’s tent twice. The first upgrade can be easily accomplished by spending money; but for the second one to work you must follow a waypoint path displayed when holding down [Cross/A] while tapping a horse while in Cinematic Camera mode and following it accordingly.

Although fast travel by plane or helicopter may seem more convenient than train or stage coach, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. First of all, this method only operates from your base camp, while fees apply per trip – which can quickly add up.

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Furthermore, this method of fast travel only works to locations you have previously visited in-game. Also noteworthy is that, unlike in many other titles with this feature, clicking anywhere on the map won’t warp you there; this prevents players from zipping around the massive world like it’s Zelda!

The third method

Recently, open world games have been taking fast travel seriously. It’s become a standard feature, enabling players to easily traverse large worlds by warping back to previous destinations they’ve already visited; making these titles ideal for exploring all they offer without spending hours traveling around. Fast travel can be particularly helpful when trying to see everything the game has to offer without spending all day traveling around!

Rockstar has taken this concept a step further with Red Dead Redemption 2, though it still doesn’t offer fast travel like we are used to seeing in other games. To unlock it, upgrade Arthur’s tent until his fast travel map appears on his bed’s side or set up camp in the wilderness (though your horse may lose any cargo that it was carrying during this journey).

Or visit any major city and visit the train or stagecoach station; this will cost some money but is a quick way to travel across the map. Rockstar has also added fast-travel posts at points of interest such as base camp that are indicated on the map by wooden scaffolds topped by ram skulls with broken wheels at their bases; each will cost differently but all work similarly.

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