How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

how to fast travel in rdr2

Rdr2 offers much to players, yet its vast world may prove overwhelming for some. Luckily, fast travel can help players navigate quickly through this experience.

RDR2 allows players to unlock fast travel after completing the story mission Money Lending and Other Sins, then upgrading your camp in order to reveal Arthur’s tent where there will be a Travel Map.


Red Dead Redemption 2 offers an expansive world, which makes traversing it by foot or horseback a lengthy task. However, fast travel features help reduce this travel time significantly so you can complete objectives quickly.

Fast travel in RDR2 doesn’t unlock automatically as you progress through its story; instead, it must be unlocked by purchasing upgrades to Dutch’s tent (First Things First) for $220 and Arthur’s wagon (Next in Line) for $325. Once these upgrades have been made available to you, fast travel to towns and settlements you have visited before can become available quickly.

While it may be frustrating, Rockstar makes sense in restricting access to this feature – they want you to explore every corner of their vast world, not simply be given instantaneous access because your budget allows it.

However, if you have the funds available to you and can afford fast travel services when possible, fast travel could save you both time and effort in the long run. Fast travel can reduce how long it takes you to ride horseback around a destination while simultaneously saving both stress and effort.

Buying a ticket

Traveling across Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast landscape can be thrilling. But as the map expands and its sights become familiar, you may wish to travel quickly between locations without spending so much time riding on horseback. Rockstar has created various fast travel options that help players traverse Old West more efficiently.

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One option for traveling by rail is taking the train. Most towns feature buildings with envelope icons that serve both as post offices and ticket sales offices for purchasing train tickets. Once purchased, these tickets allow fast travel between stations on your list – including those you haven’t visited yet – depending on distance from starting point to destination point. Ticket costs depend upon that factor alone.

Or you could opt for fast travel via stagecoach taxi, available in most settlements and marked on your map with a telegraph pole icon – these taxis can be hired at an affordable rate. Or when in transit, any moving train is always an option; simply hop aboard as soon as it stops or when traveling between stations – although your horse won’t come along if that happens so either ride your own horse or hire another animal as companions!

Taking a stagecoach

Are you enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2’s breathtaking landscapes but finding riding your horse too exhausting? Fast travel options in RDR2 may provide the solution; fast traveling to various locations without needing to pedal all day can help relieve saddle soreness.

One method for doing this is taking a stagecoach, which can be found at most towns and charges a nominal fee that increases with distance traveled. Note, however, that if your mission involves bounty hunting then this won’t apply – please see above!

Cinematic Mode offers another method of fast travel. To access it, place a waypoint on the map, mount your horse, and gain speed on any road before holding down either touchpad or view button to trigger Cinematic Mode – your horse will then automatically navigate towards its destination, bypassing hostiles or traffic along its journey.

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If you want a permanent form of free fast travel, upgrade Dutch’s tent twice. After doing that, Arthur’s tent allows for accessing any part of the map you have been to previously in order to fast-travel there directly.

Taking a train

RDR2’s expansive world can require both time and energy to navigate effectively. Rockstar has provided several ways to streamline this process more efficiently, such as traditional video game fast travel options such as fast travel and train travel options. Riding a train quickly from one county to the next in RDR2 can save both time and energy from walking between towns; you can either purchase a ticket at a station for only a few dollars, or ride your horse alongside its front car until a prompt appears allowing you to hop aboard.

Another option for getting around Rhodes is using a stagecoach, which can usually be found near larger settlements like Rhodes. Look out for buildings marked with envelope icons on their maps; these buildings typically house postmasters who accept Wanted bounty payments and an office where bounty payments can be made. Once inside one, simply choose from the list to travel there – stagecoaches may cost slightly more than trains but offer additional convenience by allowing your horse along for the journey!

Player can also utilize a map attached to Arthur’s camp in order to select any location on it (initially only those discovered by Arthur). This method offers many advantages including being free and transporting your horse with them.

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