How to Avoid Traffic Jams on the Roads in Kent

Traffic jams

Kent’s road network is vast, connecting many towns and cities together; as a result, traffic jams may form. But there are ways you can avoid them: for example, when seeing an accident on the side of the road, stop and assess what has occurred – many drivers do this unknowingly, which in turn slows down traffic further and may cause other drivers to do the same – leading to further issues down the line.

Last week’s travel chaos at the Port of Dover resulted in miles-long traffic jams as drivers attempted to access ferry and Eurotunnel terminals in Dover and Folkestone. Local authorities and tourist groups wrote letters demanding better solutions from government.

Motorists should brace themselves for an exceptionally busy weekend around Dover and Folkestone as the M20 coastbound remains closed to non-freight traffic due to Operation Brock. According to The AA, this could cause delays similar to those experienced last weekend on this route as both motorists and lorries queue to cross into France.

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