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Road history

Kent is renowned for being a key roadway in the United Kingdom, hosting both the inaugural motor show in Britain at Tunbridge Wells in 1901 and pioneering white painted markings that distinguish lanes today on London-Folkestone roads in 1914. Kent roads became famously associated with musical hall songs like ‘Knocked ’em on the Old Kent Road’ as well as being included on Monopoly boards as one of their properties (at an affordable cost!). They remain busy and vital routes today for commuters as well as trucks crossing over from France or Belgium into mainland Britain!

Travel tips

Kent’s sprawling road network can experience traffic problems at times. To stay abreast of travel news in Kent and avoid delays and get where you need to be with ease. From beaches packed with day trippers in summer months to securing hot ticket tables at top foodie restaurants – visit Kent out of season when its less crowded; discover many hidden gems along the way as well as car boot fairs offering bargain prices!

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