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Kent’s roads are used by towns and cities, commuters, lorry drivers traveling between Calais and Kent and tourists discovering its stunning countryside. Therefore, congestion may sometimes occur; so check here regularly for travel news in Kent; we will keep you up-to-date with any delays or problems which could potentially hinder your journey.


Canterbury is a global destination, welcoming guests from every continent. Its iconic cathedral stands proudly over a medieval city centre bustling with big name brands and luxury boutiques; while its streets also play host to local artisan shops and eateries.

In 597 AD, St Augustine arrived in Kent from Rome with the Pope’s request to reestablish Christianity here and established both a cathedral and monastery bearing his name – both of which remain prominent pilgrimage sites today. Since its construction over 1500 years ago, its doors have seen many pilgrims visit each year.

Canterbury Cathedral stands alongside the relics of St Augustine’s Abbey, both World Heritage sites listed by UNESCO. Home to Anglican Christians worldwide and boasting its 72 meter main tower that dominates city skylines; annually welcoming over one million visitors into its cathedral close.

Canterbury Museum carries on its legacy by hosting an exciting Medieval Discovery gallery, where visitors can experience what life was really like for residents in medieval Canterbury – from princes and ale sellers, all the way down to ale sellers, washerwomen, and washerwomen! You can even sift through medieval garbage before smelling poo from a cesspit!

As for getting around, those looking for ways to explore can rely on Stagecoach bus routes and its bio-fuel ‘Unibus’ service for convenient commutes into and out of Canterbury Park and Ride sites such as Wincheap Road and New Dover Road in Kent.

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Whitstable, an idyllic coastal town of Kent, is famous for its delicious seafood and picturesque old harbour. Steeped in its history of fishing and shipbuilding, its 19th-century port still remains functional today and provides visitors with ample opportunity to spend a relaxing day wandering its historic buildings or admiring colourful beach huts. Whitstable also features several boutiques selling antiques, handmade jewellery, accessories, gifts, accessories or clothing!

Whitstable would not be complete without sampling some of its delectable oysters! Enjoy sampling them at restaurants like Wheelers Oyster Bar, which offer fresh squid, mussels, crab and lobster dishes as well as wine at their bar.

Whitstable Castle is another must-see. Constructed in 1790 and open for free visits, the castle offers beautiful sea and Kent countryside views from its terraced garden. Furthermore, its history dates back over two centuries when many families used it as their residence.

For travel to Whitstable from London Victoria, either take a coach from Victoria Coach Station or a train journey of two hours and relatively cheap fare through Trainline’s website and app.


With spring finally here, it is the season of day trips from London once more – and Chiddingstone makes the ideal place for that! Boasting just one street and featuring some stunning Tudor buildings like its General Store and Post Office as well as half-timbered houses beloved by John Cleese, Stephen Fry and Michael Palin who all filmed here over time.

There’s also an attractive church dedicated to St Mary, dating back to 16th century, as well as an intriguing rock formation known as “The Chidding Stone.” Though its source remains elusive, one theory suggests it might have served as an Anglo-Saxon boundary marker or used as a druid altar.

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Chiddingstone offers visitors a wealth of history to uncover, making it an essential travel destination. However, before setting out, be sure to consult the latest travel news in Kent as traffic jams can often impede travel plans in this part of England. To ensure an efficient journey experience and avoid traffic jams altogether. RAC recommends planning ahead for their journey by having up-to-date maps and Sat Nav devices available before setting out on their journey.

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