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travel news in kent

Kent’s sprawling road network provides essential links for residents and visitors alike. Here is our weekly update covering travel news from Kent – such as roadworks and traffic issues; plus Kent struggled on an unfavorable first day at Taunton as Somerset took early control.

1. RAC Route Planner

RAC Route Planner is an essential tool that will assist in planning your journey and showing its map. In addition, it displays any traffic news or reports that may impact it and provides a mileage calculator specifically for business travellers to assist them with claiming back expenses.

Utilizing this application isn’t only easy but also allows you to discover the optimal routes for your journey, including providing information on roadworks and CCTV cameras, plus it can identify nearby charging points if driving an electric car.

Search this website for “travel updates”. This page shows live traffic alerts and road closures throughout Kent, with regular updates.

2. Traffic news

Kent is a large county, comprised of many towns and villages with an expansive road network, making for frequent traffic issues during busy periods such as weekends or rush hour. If you want to avoid delays and congestion on the road, being informed with up-to-date traffic news before setting out can help prevent delays and congestion on your journey. RAC’s live traffic reports give an accurate picture of how busy your route is as well as any issues impacting it; you can get traffic reports for entire journeys as well as individual roads or locations; print, share or save your personalized reports directly!

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3. Kent’s road network

Kent is home to one of England’s highest population densities, so it should come as no surprise that its roads are bustling with traffic. From motorways and wide dual carriageways spanning across its entirety, traffic congestion is ever present; so motorists should plan their journey carefully as disruption on the road could have significant repercussions for their travel plans.

Kent corridors to the M25 route play an essential role in international connectivity and trade, providing access to key international gateways such as Dover, Folkestone, Sheerness and Sheerness Canal as well as Thames ports (London Gateway and Tilbury) and Thames Freeport. In addition, these corridors contribute significantly to economic levelling up efforts by providing jobs to disadvantaged communities and providing economic equalisation through employment.

Kent’s road network is highly susceptible to delays, particularly around Clacket Lane Services on the M25 clockwise loop and in larger towns such as Tunbridge Wells where traffic congestion builds on roads like Calverley Road that leads to Royal Victoria Place shopping centre or Lansdowne Road which leads to Dunorlan Park. Furthermore, numerous major road works are taking place across Kent.

Operation Brock was developed to keep Kent’s roads open by queuing lorries traveling towards continental destinations via Dover Port and Eurotunnel. When under Operation Brock restrictions, HGV drivers should follow signage or listen for advice via local radio; attempts at taking alternative routes could result in being turned back or even receiving a fine of PS300.

4. Congestion

Heavy congestion on highways can compromise its integrity and make travel conditions worse, increasing exposure to accidents or events that alter them. By comparing current highway conditions with typical or average conditions, travelers can better plan their trips – including arrival time – at their destinations.

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Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of travellers experienced their cross-Channel journeys being severely disrupted due to delays at Dover Port and Eurotunnel as part of Operation Brock. Kent roads became busy as truck drivers searched for alternate routes to the ports or Manston Airport; such disruption can have serious repercussions for Britain’s manufacturing economy.

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