Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast landscape can be stunning to explore, yet at times can get tiring and tedious. Luckily, fast travel options exist for players who wish to skip this long process of riding from town to town.

Players can unlock fast travel by progressing through the game and completing Money Lending and Other Sins mission. Once unlocked, Dutch will have access to Ledger upgrade at his lodgings.

First Things First

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers plenty to see and do, but traversing its vast world by foot or horseback can be exhausting. Luckily, however, fast travel provides players with several alternative means of travel that are faster and less taxing; fast travel may not be free; however it is relatively affordable compared to taking trains or stagecoaches.

Early in RDR2, you can unlock one method of quick travel by upgrading Dutch’s tent and equipping Arthur with a map from camp that can be used to quickly travel between areas you have previously visited. It can be an efficient way to move about without accruing too many bounties – although be wary if going for 100% completion as this could prove expensive!

To unlock other methods, it is necessary to have completed Leopold Strauss’ Money Lending and Other Sins mission from Chapter 2. Once complete, this task involves tracking down three debtors who owe money to Dutch’s gang and upgrading his tent in order to gain access to a ledger.

Trains and stagecoaches offer two additional forms of fast travel at a cost, getting you quickly between many major towns around the world. While you must clear any bounties before taking either form of transportation, the risk remains that someone might board one without having done so – therefore reducing any outstanding bounties before giving either method a try is wise.

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Next in Line

Fast travel in RDR2 requires using various options available to them to cover distance more quickly. Unfortunately, making use of them won’t just require mounting up and riding to their destinations; you will first have to unlock them by doing some legwork.

Dutch’s ledger offers the first readily-accessible option, located within its Lodgings section. Once upgraded once, a new upgrade – Next in Line – becomes available for purchase for $220 and once activated unlocks fast travel at Arthur’s camp; simply interact with his tent ammo wagon to access any location already visited by selecting it on his map and being instantly transported there!

Stagecoaches provide another fast mode of travel in RDR2. Available at all train stations, once you purchase your ticket for your desired destination you can hop aboard to be taken directly there. While slower than using Arthur’s camp map this method still provides an efficient means to visit locations on your map.


RDR2 takes an unusual approach to fast travel: instead of offering it as an option in Dutch’s tent or through its menus, players unlock it through upgrading the ledger at their camp, which activates a fast travel option on its map once activated – though keep in mind this only works to visit locations already visited by Arthur himself.

Fast travel stops are denoted with a signpost icon and can be found in most towns, ranches and other named locations. Here, players can pay to use the service and quickly hop between destinations. However, the stagecoach won’t be available if any outstanding bounty bounties remain unpaid or you are currently undertaking any missions — although these tasks should usually be accomplished as you ride along!

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RDR2 doesn’t only offer stagecoaches as a fast travel method. Trains offer another convenient and often cheaper means of swift movement between locations, yet hostiles, rival gang members and predators may still attempt to attack as you move from place to place. No matter which method is chosen though, be aware that hostiles, rival gang members and predators may attack during any method chosen!


Red Dead Redemption 2 features an expansive world, full of adventure. Traveling across its vast map to reach different locations may require both time and money; especially if Arthur Morgan is traveling with an annoying companion or in the midst of one of its lengthy story missions. Fast travel provides one way to save both both time and effort – save the horses!

RDR2’s fast travel system may be limited, but it does exist and can help save both time and effort when exploring its open world. Finding it may be tricky; to make sure it works you must be in the appropriate location at the appropriate time.

To enable fast travel, head to Horseshoe Overlook camp in Chapter 2. Head directly to Dutch’s tent and enter Ledger, as this will allow you to upgrade camp; selecting Lodgings as one of your upgrades will unlock Arthur’s tent automatically – other locations require approaching signposts with skull-and-wagon wheel symbols before paying a small fee to unlock this option.

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