Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Everything You Need to Know

how to fast travel in rdr2

Traveling across Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast map can be time consuming, but to speed things up players can use its fast travel system.

To unlock fast travel, players must first buy the ledger upgrade at Dutch’s camp and purchase the ledger upgrade from Arthur himself. When completed, an instant travel map will appear at each player camp with interactive elements which enable Arthur to ride directly towards their predetermined destination. By touching these maps or engaging them, cinematics showing Arthur riding across canvases will start playing automatically!

Upgrade Arthur’s Tent

Fast travel is one of the game’s more useful features, enabling players to skip long journeys. But accessing it requires upgrading various aspects of Arthur’s camp first.

Upgrade Dutch’s Lodgings as soon as possible; this is essential as it will unlock upgrades across the camp and encourage donations more frequently from gang members – which in turn makes Arthur’s job of keeping supplies such as food, ammunition, and medicine readily available to him easier.

Once this step is completed, upgrade Arthur’s tent by purchasing the Next in Line upgrade at $325 – this will add a map at the back of his tent that allows you to fast travel to various areas around the map that have already been explored – it does not function like a true teleportation method though!

Note that during story missions you cannot fast travel to any town or settlement and it isn’t possible to move from your current location on horseback without leaving. There are however, other means available to bypass long journeys in this game.

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Upgrade Dutch’s Lodgings

Upgrades to the camp are one of the best ways to spend money in Red Dead Redemption 2. Not only will doing so provide Arthur with healing items, ammo and food supplies; it will also unlock key upgrades that can enhance his experience throughout the game – like fast travel maps! For instance, opening Dutch’s ledger at camp and purchasing “First Things First” upgrade for $220 can unlock this feature.

The second upgrade available to players is the map upgrade itself, available for $325 once players have upgraded Dutch’s lodgings and Arthur’s tent (both require unlocking of Ledger upgrade to complete). After purchasing these upgrades, players will find a map pinned to the other side of ammo wagon at camp to enable quick travel between towns or settlements they have visited without taking train/stagecoach routes.

Fast travel is easily one of the best features in this game, making upgrades on Dutch’s lodgings and Arthur’s tent well worth your while. Train or stagecoach services may offer another quick travel method but at considerable expense and time loss compared to this way of traveling around quickly.

Upgrade the Camp

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers players a number of upgrades for their Camp, giving you more support while traversing its vast terrain. Here is everything you need to know on how to upgrade it successfully.

Fast travel in RDR2 requires upgrading your camp, an investment that must be undertaken after playing through Chapter 2 and handing in your initial debt collection mission (Money Lending and Other Sins). Once done, accessing the Ledger will allow you to upgrade various aspects of it; lodging upgrades enable fast travel while the rest can include things such as horse stations that transport Arthur’s main mount back home faster or leather workstations which provide Pearson with more opportunities for fabrication.

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Upgrades require money, which you can earn by playing the game or spending it around town. Train tickets offer another method for travel between towns on the map; however, this option should only be utilized if time is of the essence and needs must be reached quickly.

Upgrade the Stagecoach

Navigating the vast terrain of Red Dead Redemption 2 on horseback can be both beautiful and time-consuming; fast travel offers a way to alleviate this monotony and make travel much quicker. While not immediately available upon entering RDR2, fast travel becomes available fairly soon after beginning play.

One of the quickest ways to unlock fast travel is upgrading Dutch’s lodgings at his camp, which can be done by opening his ledger at his base camp and selecting Lodgings. Once upgraded, an option to purchase a map upgrade will appear and allow fast travel between any two towns visited before, including with your camp and main horse if applicable. Unfortunately however, trains cannot travel through areas where there is a bounty against your head; similarly stagecoaches cannot transport people when riding their horses or possessing loaded weapons.

There are other means of fast travel available in Red Dead Redemption 2, such as using the train or setting up camp in the wild, but if you want to minimize how much time is spent riding around the map it would be wise to unlock Dutch’s camp’s free fast travel as soon as possible in order to take advantage of this strategy.

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