Essential Travel French Phrases to Help You Navigate Your Trip Abroad

No matter where your travels take you, whether to Paris for art and culture or Bordeaux to enjoy wine tasting tours, essential travel French phrases are invaluable in order to navigate your trip abroad with ease. These basic phrases will allow you to introduce yourself, ask directions and request assistance throughout your adventure abroad.

If your conversation partner speaks too quickly, saying ‘pauze plus lentement’ (speak more slowly) is an appropriate way of asking them to slow down.

What is French?

French is one of the world’s most spoken languages and an official one in France and Corsica, Belgium, Canada – particularly Quebec – Switzerland, Monaco and much of Northern Africa.

At its heart lies an analytical language which trains your mind to think critically. It was chosen as the medium by great philosophers like Descartes and Pascal; Rousseau; Voltaire; Sartre as well as prominent scientists such as Pasteur and Marie Curie to express themselves formally in words.

Spanish is relatively easy to learn for those already fluent in romance languages, featuring two noun genders and an uncomplicated conjugation system.

How do I learn French?

Learning French on the go can be accomplished many ways. One effective method to begin is writing down French words and phrases as they come up during your day; this will help to cement vocabulary knowledge and pronunciation into memory.

Subscribing to French podcasts is another effective way of learning the language, particularly as you can listen while doing other things such as commuting or cleaning.

Practice French conversation skills with native speakers is also a fantastic way to gain proficiency, and there are various online resources that can help connect you with an ideal partner to practice with.

What are the best French learning apps?

Clozemaster is an ideal app to learn basic French vocabulary through game-like gameplay and is suitable for anyone traveling abroad.

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Frantastique is a great option to introduce and expand upon language learning with cute animated videos that test comprehension and provide grammar advice. Additionally, live subscriptions provide additional content from professional teachers.

FluentU is an excellent app, featuring native French videos with interactive subtitles that enable instant translation for any word that you tap on, tracking progress over time and motivating users with a personalized study plan.

How do I learn French on the go?

Learning French on the go can be challenging, but there are numerous tools and resources that can help you make steady progress with your French skills.

Start off by listening to French podcasts; these are great for beginners as you can listen and learn at the same time! For something different, read a book in French; children’s books may be suitable as beginners’ level reading material while advanced readers could try reading newspapers in French instead. Furthermore, watch movies featuring either French dialogue or subtitles!

What are the best French learning websites?

Pimsleur offers an effective French learning course that introduces vocabulary and grammar through straightforward audio lessons, making it the ideal solution for beginners as it introduces French without overburdening them with too many rules or exceptions.

Brainscape is an online flashcard site that employs enhanced spaced repetition to help you retain new information more easily. It is free and can provide an effective supplement to other French learning apps.

Frantastique provides daily French language lessons designed to facilitate consistent language practice. Each lesson is humorous and story driven and adapts with time as your French progresses.

How do I learn French with audio?

Discovering French can be easy and enjoyable if you listen to audiobooks, podcasts and other forms of media that combine audio and text. Reading or listening to books may also help improve pronunciation so that you speak French like a native!

Pimsleur is an industry leader when it comes to language learning. Their French Instant Conversation CDs guide learners through everyday conversations while teaching the finer points of this beautiful language in just 20-minute sessions.

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Rocket French provides another effective choice. They offer both free podcasts and transcripts as well as premium subscription options with video content, interactive activities, flashcards and flashbacks for extra learning support.

How do I learn French with video?

One of the best ways to learn French is listening, whether that be through podcasts, French television shows, or YouTube. For your listening practice here are a few YouTube channels with lots of French videos which will help improve your French listening skills without needing to pack and travel to France!

This channel offers an impressive collection of French videos on everything from grammar and vocabulary words, common phrases and culture, as well as beginner-specific content with English subtitles.

What are the best French learning apps for Android?

Memrise is an ideal app for beginners as it covers vocabulary and grammar through self-study exercises that focus on vocabulary and grammar. Plus, there’s even a premium version with more in-depth lessons!

Busuu offers more comprehensive French lessons than Duolingo and provides pronunciation and conversation lessons as well. While basic content is free to access, for more advanced content or speaking with native speakers a membership subscription must be paid monthly fee.

Mondly offers essential travel vocabulary lessons as well as practice in speaking via its chatbot feature. Lessons are short and repeatable whenever necessary.

What are the best French learning apps for iOS?

There are numerous French learning apps out there, but few stand out as being superior. Duolingo stands out by offering short lessons designed to be enjoyable; each taking just minutes each and featuring its iconic owl mascot as part of its charm. Plus it’s free!

Memrise provides a more structured learning approach with self-study exercises such as fill-in-the-blanks and multiple choice questions to reinforce new vocabulary words. Plus it includes quizzes to help reinforce them!

Clozemaster is another fantastic app designed to build vocabulary and phrases through various exercises, using gamification. Additionally, its word meter customises review lessons according to your individual learning needs.

What are the best French learning apps for Windows?

Babbel is an effective French learning app designed for Windows users and comes equipped with categories for vocabulary and exercises to get beginners up and running quickly.

Busuu is another excellent platform that will enable you to interact with the community and get feedback on your written work, while simultaneously helping others with their French. Plus, using this app keeps yourself motivated!

Mondly offers the ideal option for anyone wishing to learn music through singing lessons tailored specifically for your experience level. Daily lessons are tailored specifically towards helping users develop musicality.

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