Delicious dishes you must try when traveling to Hoi An

Các món ăn ngon nhất định phải thử khi đi du lịch Hội An

One of the factors that attracts tourists to Hoi An is its rich and diverse culinary culture with countless delicious dishes. In this article, we would like to introduce you to famous Hoi An dishes that you should definitely try when you come here.

Cao Lau

The first delicious Hoi An dish to mention is Cao Lau, the number one famous specialty for Quang Nam tourists in general and Hoi An tourists in particular. Because only Cao Lau is made with ingredients here, people here and those who eat here can fully feel the delicious taste of this extremely special delicious dish in Hoi An.

Cao Lau is an ingenious combination of golden Cao Lau fibers with lean char siu pork leg meat, crispy pork skin or fried Cao Lau fibers, roasted rice paper, rich roasted peanuts and cinnamon tea herbs. The main flavor that makes us fall in love with this dish is the broth, which has a rich sweet and salty flavor that is very pleasant in the mouth and extremely attractive in fat. This is the spiced water for preparing five-spice marinated char siu beef.

banh beo


When talking about Hoi An cuisine, one cannot ignore banh beo, a famous central specialty loved by many domestic and foreign tourists. The special feature of Banh Beo Hoi An is that the filling uses fatty meat ingredients, ground shrimp cooked until thick, add some fried onions and sprinkle some breadcrumbs to make the dish more attractive. The spicy and sour fish sauce that is served also contributes to making Hoi An banh beo more tasty.


A dish that has become very familiar to the Vietnamese is banh xeo. Banh xeo is available in many places, but banh xeo in Hoi An has a unique taste that is very different from other places. Hoi An pancakes are meticulously prepared from selecting the ingredients, grinding the flour to filling, and have become a favorite dish of tourists visiting the ancient city of Hoi An.

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This unique snack has long held a special place in the hearts of diners traveling to Hoi An. Hoi An wontons are prepared very simply and fried crispy in oil.

After enjoying it, the wonderful aftertaste will make you remember it forever. The crust is crispy, mixed with a bit of sweetness from shrimp and the enticing aroma of spices, all of which seem to resonate together to create a unique and unforgettable dish.

Cauldron cake – white rose


If anyone has ever enjoyed Hoi An cauldron cake, they still remember the unique, spicy and irresistible sour taste of this dish. The shell is beautifully transparent, the entire shell is visible. meat inside.

The ingredients for the biscuit filling include meat, minced shrimp, mushrooms, fish sauce, bell pepper, onion, etc. There are two ways to prepare the cauldron cake: cook the filling before adding it to the cake, or add the raw filling to the base. Then steam it. When eating the cake, there will be chili garlic fish sauce for flavor.

sweet corn soup

When the young corn is freshly cracked, it will be peeled, washed and cleaned of corn fibers. It is then boiled to obtain water to make a sweet soup, and the corn kernels are cut into thin slices when eaten to make it sweeter and more delicious.

To create the sweet taste of sweet corn soup, Hoi An people do not cook coconut with coconut water as usual. Instead, they just pour some coconut milk on top so as not to overwhelm the sweetness of the corn. When eating, mix the sweet soup and coconut milk well to feel the delicious and attractive taste of Hoi An Sweet Corn Soup.


Hoi An Chicken Rice


To compare in terms of popularity, Hoi An chicken rice can also be compared to Cao Lau. It is also considered the pride of the Hoi An people. And perhaps that is why many people say that coming to the old town without eating chicken rice means that your trip is not complete.

Hoi An Chicken Rice is made with two main ingredients: chicken and rice. To cook rice with chicken, you should choose aged rice, left for at least a year or more, but it should be delicious and fragrant. Soak the rice in turmeric, then wash and cook it with chicken broth, pandan leaves and chicken fat. When cooked, this fat melts, making the rice fluffier and more fragrant.

The other important ingredient in the Hoi An delicacy is young chickens, which are often free-range in the garden. Only then will the meat be firm, chewy and tasty without being friable. Clean the chicken and boil it long enough so that it doesn’t become too soft or chewy and lose its flavor.

Mi Quang

Unlike other noodle dishes, Quang noodles are thicker, flatter and have a characteristic bright yellow color like turmeric.

In particular, for regular noodles, pho, and vermicelli, stewed bone broth will be used. But for Quang noodles, the broth is usually made with slow-cooked pork, shrimp, or chicken for sweetness. In addition, the broth eaten with the noodles is also combined with pineapple and tomatoes to create the typical sweet and sour taste of this famous noodle dish in Quang Nam.

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