Delicious dishes made from fibers.

Ẩm thực Việt : Các món ăn ngon làm từ sợi

In addition to rice, dishes made with fiber are very popular and indispensable in the daily life of Vietnamese people. Let’s take a look at the dishes made from fiber to have a more interesting vision of the country’s gastronomy.

Noodle Soup

It’s not just Hanoi, but only Hanoi pho is delicious. For that reason, pho has become the pride of the people of the capital and is a dish that every tourist must try when they set foot on this land. The pho noodles are soft but not crumbly, the broth is fragrant and sweet without any MSG flavor, the meat is tender, the meat is crispy, and the spices are fully seasoned according to the family recipe.

Pho is considered an ambassador of Vietnamese cuisine and captivates the soul of many diners. International tourists tell each other that coming to Vietnam without once enjoying this traditional dish means that the trip is not complete.

rice noodle

Noodles are a popular side dish after pho in Vietnamese cuisine and come in many different variations. Some popular noodle dishes include: tofu noodles with shrimp paste, thang noodles, beef noodles, fish sauce noodles, and especially bun cha.

A noodle dish will usually contain fresh noodles, roast pork, pork rolls, some pickles, raw vegetables, and a cup of sweet and sour sauce. Although the ingredients are simple and the preparation not too elaborate, bun cha is an important part of Vietnamese cuisine and deserves to be on the list of delicious noodle dishes that gourmets cannot ignore.

rice noodle

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The noodles are similar in shape to noodles, but the ingredients for making noodles are arrowroot roots, green beans, and tapioca starch. Therefore, the fibers of the noodles are usually flexible, chewy and clear. After processing, the noodles are dried and packed in bundles or bags.

The noodles are a dish for people who are losing weight because the ingredients used to make the noodles contain very little starch but are high in energy, which helps people with excess fat do not need to absorb large amounts of starch and They still have enough energy to be active, so people who lose weight often eat noodles.


Noodles are a very popular dish in Vietnamese food and are often eaten for breakfast or snack.

Noodle dishes include shrimp noodles, beef noodles, chicken noodles, five fruit rib noodles, wonton noodles… but we can’t fail to mention Mi Quang, a dish that makes Quang Nam a brand. Unlike other noodle dishes that are eaten covered with water, Quang noodles are eaten drier, doused with enough water to wet each noodle. Quang noodles are a famous dish of the Quang people. They are often eaten with soft shrimp, lean meat, eggs, fried shallots or can be eaten with steamed dumplings…

Rice paper

crab cakes

Banh da is similar to pho, but the banh da fibers are larger and tougher. Banh da fibers are pho noodles cut into chunks and dried. Dishes made with banh da in Vietnamese cuisine often include banh da and mixed banh da.

Mentioning banh da without mentioning Hai Phong’s crab banh da is a big mistake. The rice cake in the Hai Phong Crab Rice Cake dish must be the typical red rice cake of Du Hang Kenh, famous in Le Chan District, Hai Phong. Previously, crab rice cake was mainly made with simple ingredients such as field crab, Plantain rice, water spinach, water spinach… Later, seafood such as prawns, crab, spring rolls, fried spring rolls… were added to it to give more options to diners.

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A noodle dish usually includes noodles, broth, bean sprouts, chives, meat, beef balls, chili sauce… There are many kinds of noodles such as Nam Vang noodles, knock noodles, My Tho noodles, Chinese, satay noodles, Fideos Sa Dec.

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