Da Lat Rose Garden Tourist Season

Da Lat Rose Garden Tourist Season

When the plateau began to transform in the 1990s, the provincial capital of Lam Dong Province in the Central Highlands began to develop strongly economically, and the trade and service industry, especially tourism, began to develop. hard.

Initially, people traveled to Da Lat to avoid the heat of the central region and the muggy heat of Saigon. But gradually people have formed many different trends: they no longer go to Da Lat just to enjoy the fresh air and avoid the heat, but they go to experience many things. Go to Da Lat to relax, go play golf, go to conferences, go see Da Lat in the flower season… In recent years, we have had another travel trend: traveling in the pink season.

November and December is the time when roses enter the ripening season, which is also the tourist season for Da Lat rose garden only during these two months. Because after this time, all the roses will be picked from the branches and cared for for next year’s harvest. In Da Lat there is only one persimmon season a year. If you follow common sense when talking about Da Lat persimmons, you will think that there is only one type of crunchy persimmon, but in reality there are 10 different types of persimmons: seeded persimmons, seedless persimmons, square persimmons, egg persimmons… In addition to selling Persimmons as fresh fruit everywhere, Da Lat people also dry them into dried persimmons for long-term preservation, making persimmon paste. Traditionally, persimmons are dried using charcoal or electricity.

Specialties of persimmon suspended in the wind with Japanese technology:

Wind-hanging persimmons are only picked when the weather is sunny and ripe enough for the persimmon to have enough sugar. If the persimmon is not ripe enough, it will not have enough sugar, will not be flexible or sweet. The persimmons must be picked manually to avoid scratches, once picked they will be sorted by size and washed with water, then peeled and washed again with alcohol in the permitted concentration. Let dry. After that, the persimmons will be hung, the peeled fruits with the stems will be hung with a thread, left indoors for 8 hours of heat treatment, then processed with additional aseptic steps and moved to the drying house covered with networks and membranes. In 28 to 33 days we will have a satisfying batch of sticky persimmons. The finished product will be rotated to remove all the fibers inside, then vacuum packed and preserved. If kept in the refrigerator, the persimmon will last 2 months and if stored in the freezer, 1 year. The persimmon will retain its flavor and sweetness. Every 7 kg of fresh persimmons will produce 1 kg of soft persimmons.

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If you want to see the rose garden and take photos or enjoy the roses in the garden, you can follow the following routes:

Ve Chay Pagoda Route – Hoa Xa Tunnel – Cau Dat Tea Hill. Right on this street there are many rose gardens that you can visit. You can visit the Railway Tunnel café, where there is space to admire the view and take photos of the rose garden; You just need to order a drink and there will be no charge.

Khe Sanh Highway – Mimosa Pass. There are quite a few rose gardens on this road that you can visit and enjoy the roses in the garden. These attractions are sold with tickets!

Bao Dai Palace Palace (Palace III) – Trieu Viet Vuong.

Some notes when visiting the rose garden:

  • As you know, roses are in season, so garden owners often do not allow them to be picked to maintain their lush beauty. So if you want to enjoy persimmons, ask the garden owner before visiting.
  • The rose garden grows outdoors, so it’s often inconvenient to go when it’s raining or when it just stops raining because I know you guys wear really nice shoes; You don’t want to get your shoes or dresses dirty, right? Remember to visit the rose garden only on a sunny day.
  • November – December is the time when the harvest is ripe, so go during the mid-season period, at this time the persimmons will have ripe, green and colorful fruits on the branches, which will make the photo look more beautiful .
  • Here, the colors of the trees vary from pink, green, orange and red; So choose the right clothes so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the colors of the garden.
  • To comfortably visit many interesting places, I recommend that you go by motorcycle because most of the persimmons are planted on slopes, which makes it difficult to park cars. You can stop and park your motorcycle wherever you want.
  • Wherever you go, you should ask the price of tickets or drinks in advance.
  • And finally, it is the same everywhere, we must love nature and keep it as clean as possible.
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Some reference rose gardens that you can visit (before visiting, it is worth checking the information):

Le Van Rose Garden

Address: 45 Khe Sanh, District 10, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0916655756

Thai Long Rose Garden

Address: 31D Khe Sanh, District 10, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0987425542

Tom’s Rose Garden

Address: 31D Khe Sanh, District 10, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0943268138

Dalat Rose Garden

Address: 87 Hung Vuong, District 11, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0981358999

mimosa rose garden

Address: Pren Pass Pedestrian Bridge, District 3, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0855095029

Trai Mat Antique Rose Garden

Address: Trai Mat area, District 11, City. Da Lat

Phone number: not updated

Thanh Tam Rose Garden

Address: 065/3 Dat Lanh, District 10, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0393403515

Family house waiting for someone

Address: Khoi Nghia Bac Son (near Palace II), District 10, City. Da Lat

Telephone number: 0868708025

Buy persimmon:

Currently, the average annual price of ripe persimmons is about VND 10,000 per kg. They usually sell ripe persimmons that are still firm and then put them in a bag to ferment and take home; In 1 to 3 days the persimmons will ripen deliciously without bruising. As for ripe persimmons, they should be eaten directly in the garden or brought to the hotel, not as a gift.

However, in recent times, when visitors come to the rose garden, they often bring a specialty which is roses hanging in the wind. You should enjoy it in the garden and take it home as a gift to your family.

Wishing you a wonderful visit to the rose season.

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