How many flower seasons does Da Lat have?

That’s a question I often hear whenever a tour comes out. The first times you come to Da Lat you usually go in summer because that is when tourists have the opportunity to rest and visit places. But after a while, I discovered that I didn’t know that Da Lat had many interesting things that I hadn’t discovered yet.

August, the month of the last days of summer, the month of the first days of school, I always remember that the play I’m going to school has a passage like this: “Every year, at the end of autumn, many leaves fall on the streets and there is nothing in the sky. Silver clouds, my heart is filled with confusing memories of the first day of school.” Passing by the Con Ga church, looking at the students: blue pants, white shirts, sky-colored jackets, with small backpacks on their backs, I remembered when I was a child, school days were so beautiful and dreamy. Every time we age a year, our dreams change. I remember that in the play Life Like Smoke there was a beautiful passage written: “When I was seven years old, I caught a cicada and I thought I had the whole summer in my hands. When I was seventeen years old, I kissed you on the cheek and I thought we would be together forever”. But as we get older, we discover that things are no longer as beautiful as dreams.

When I went with you to Da Lat, I saw that you were the only beautiful one, you were the whole world, but when I went alone I realized that without you Da Lat is very different. A leaf cannot choose the direction in which it falls and can only follow the wind. When the trees on Tran Phu Street change the color of their leaves, Da Lat enters autumn.

the color of autumn wild sunflowers, it is not obvious that people chose the wild sunflower as a symbol of this city and then placed it in Lam Vien Square. It is present everywhere, from the city center, on the shores of Xuan Huong Lake, in the trees next to Cu Hill, sometimes in the garden of an old French villa, some families love it so much that they grow it to make it in flowers. If you have a chance to visit Langbiang, you can see a fence in front of the house. If you drive on the Lien Khuong Expressway right now, almost both sides of the road will have bright yellow blisters stretching from the top of the mountain through the coffee trees to right next to the fence. Young people who come here this season, choose the roads towards the suburbs to take beautiful photographs!

  • Cam Ly Highway – Van Thanh Flower Village – Ta Nung Pass – Elephant Waterfall.
  • Pren Pass – Lien Khuong Expressway.
  • Heading towards Cau Dat – Dran – Don Duong – Phi Nom hills
  • Bao Dai Palace – Tuyen Lam Lake – Clay Tunnel.
  • Dalat Milk Factory of Fame
  • Xo Viet Nghe Tinh – Lang Biang
  • Mai Anh Dao Valley Street
  • Right in the center is Da Lat University, the road to Minh Hoa Seminary, Pham Hong Thai Street next to Da Lat Station.
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The exact time wildflowers bloom each year is from October to November of the solar calendar. At this time, Da Lat has light winds and no rain. It is best to go early in the morning, when the clouds have just cleared and each yellow flower petal is still covered in dew to look for the most wonderful images.

Then, when the last yellow petal falls from the branch of the wild sunflower, it is also the time of color. White prohibition flowers bloom. There are not many shoes that cover an entire Ban Forest in Na U – Dien Bien District and Sa Long, Muong Cha District, Dien Bien Province. Hoa Ban flowers are most commonly planted on both sides of Tran Phu Street, which runs from Bang Khuang Intersection to Hoang Van Thu Roundabout.

Ban flowers begin to bloom from December to February of the solar calendar. In recent years, banyan flowers have bloomed in December of the solar calendar. The whole road is white, along Tran Phu there are many motorbikes of young couples who choose the most suitable ban, park, take off their hats and fix their clothes and hair: it is a dream, memories of a beautiful love. Because somewhere among the couples on that prohibition tree, there will be someone who will be perfectly happy but someone will be miserable because their love is too fragile, but that’s okay, remember this saying of mine: “Don’t be sad when a love falls apart.” “Love is lost because I loved the most beautiful person in the most beautiful moments.”

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When the coldness of Da Lat reaches its peak, the white flowers begin to thin out to give way to the pink flowers. cherry apricot. Cherry blossoms and wild sunflowers are everywhere in the city. Cherry blossoms are not regular like other flowers: they bloom in late winter and early spring, but some years they bloom too early or too late, like the feelings of a teenager that cannot be estimated or grasped. Like the banyan flower, when the branches are bare of leaves, the flower buds emerge with a grey-brown shell to catch the cold dew drops and prepare to bloom and begin a new season.

The sky and the earth are also cleverly arranged from bright yellow to pure white and now a shy pink. The color of wild sunflower is the color of dynamism, pure white has a slight sadness, cherry pink apricot is full of love. There is no way to fully describe love to someone, just as there is no way to describe the beauty of cherry blossoms.

The most beautiful routes to see cherry blossoms:

  • Around Xuan Huong Lake
  • Tran Hung Dao – Hung Vuong Street
  • Tuyen Lam Lake area, road to clay tunnel
  • Doc Da Quy
  • Trieu Viet Vuong
  • Road to Cau Dat Tea Hill

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