Da Lat Travel – City of Slopes

Da Lat specialties with more than 50 street dishes.

Da Lat’s specialty is deep green pine forests.

Da Lat’s specialty is the flower growing season.

This place has so many specialties that it would be impossible to list them all, but there is one that sounds very special.


Specialty “The clues” ! That’s right, there are tracks that everyone who comes here should stop by at least once to take a photo to remember forever because perhaps over time people will no longer see it. Just like in the past, Cam Ly waterfall has entered many poems and songs of many writers and artists, now it is just a puddle of dirty and muddy water, although the truth is very harsh, we cannot deny it, we can leave it.

There are love songs written about this city that are very good and very accurate in musician Lam Phuong’s song: “Every city makes you tired, winding roads, intertwined with old pine trees.” The song is both beautiful and romantic. If it is on a flat road, you can walk comfortably, but in a highland city, you cannot move quickly and easily because almost every road and every neighborhood is a hill. . The highest place in the city center is the palace of Nguyen Huu Hao (father of Queen Nam Phuong – Nguyen Huu Thi Lan) at more than 1532 m.

When roads are built, people build them along slopes and houses are also built on the slopes of hills. There is a special thing when the first floor faces one street but the third floor faces another street. Many houses in Da Lat have that style, which is also quite an interesting problem.

Slope No. 7 Tran Hung Dao Street, “I stand in the middle of the slope and try not to cry” (excerpt from a song “Everyone will replace you” – Pham Quynh Anh). 500 meters from Kim Cuc Intersection (Bang Khuan Intersection), looking left, towards the shore of Xuan Huong Lake, there is a very romantic slope. The slope is relatively large, partly for pedestrians, and there is a motorcycle lane with safety railings. To the left is a wall of an old French villa stained by time. The old green stone covered with moss, the color of nostalgia.

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Half the foot of the slope is an entire patch of ivy vines. After all these years, a speck of dust fell into a small crack in the stone platform after an old rainy season, it has sprouted and sprouted, and I don’t know. how over the years it has occupied most of this slope. On the right side of the hillside are corrugated iron buildings with dark, shiny spots mixed with pine needles, Da Dat-looking houses from the 1950s and 1960s with corrugated cardboard walls. In the distance there are pine trees on the shore of the lake. If you come here, sit and laugh, life will be quite happy.

Doctor Vong Nguyet Lau. Located at the base of Truong Dinh – Tang Bach Ho with a dark red color above are the words Vong Nguyet Lau standing out in the middle of a road. This place is a favorite photo spot for young people every time they walk around the Hoa Binh area and then stop by to drink soy milk with photos of their visits to their favorite places.

Nha Bo slope. The track is not suitable for the faint of heart. The slope is located at the end of Dao Duy Tu Street. Before the French, a cow barn was built, so people gave it the common name and gradually it became a custom. The slope is quite steep, it is difficult for motorbikes to avoid each other, so people have limited visits and photographs here. So now when you come here, you can only take pictures from a fairly long distance.

Da Lat Market Slope. You will also remember a point that need not be mentioned to you. “Hong Kong next to Da Lat market”, soy milk, grilled rice paper, sweet potatoes… oh a slope that has everything you look for every time you come here.

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Doctor Da Quy. Located in Xuan Tho village, Trai Mat commune. Besides Da Lat Market Bridge, this is probably the slope where many people take pictures because during the cherry blossom season, this road is the most beautiful place to take flower pictures. Cherry blossoms bloom on both sides of the road, covering the entire stretch of road in pink and making everything around wonderfully romantic.

Song Lo Earring. Located on Truong Cong Dinh Street, the slope is quite high with a motorcycle path and a pedestrian path. The two sides are rows of houses built in the style of the 70s and 80s with painted wooden window frames. The two sides of the road are the color of green moss which makes people feel like returning to the scenery of Da Lat in the old days. On rainy days, bring an umbrella and remember Trinh Cong Son’s songs with your heart. When you have fallen in love with this city, you will love every pine tree, every wildflower branch.

Town House Pending. Located right in the center of the city, the slope is very familiar to many people connecting Truong Cong Dinh Street with Phan Dinh Phung Street, District 1. Hillside Street: Entering the art area is one of the main programs of the Festival Hoa Da. For the eighth time, the city launched a paint movement on the walls in front of the houses on this hillside. Murals on the walls along the row of houses with more than 30 brightly colored works give the slope a new look.

Protestant slope. The slope is located in the alley that leads from the Protestant church to a small residential area, a beautiful slope with rows of trees on both sides and a light yellow church with a tiled roof in the style of a longhouse in the Highlands Central. The slope is small, so you can only come to check-in by motorcycle.

The article uses some photographs of his colleagues on forums and newspapers. Thank you sincerely!

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