Cafes along Cau Dat Tea Hill Road – DA LAT

Cafes along Cau Dat Tea Hill Road - DA LAT

Cafes along Cau Dat Tea Hill Road

1. May Lang Thang Cafe

Address: Ham Da Alley, 7B Hoang Hoa Tham, District 10, Da Lat City Telephone: 07777 96007

Ticket price: 200,000 to 2,500,000 VND (depending on the singer performing) Opening hours: 06:30 – 21:00

It is both a homestay and a cafe offering outdoor musical performances every weekend. Just like the cafe spaces for relaxing and living virtually, the store space is also quite beautiful and every time you pick up the phone, you will have a satisfying photo. However, you should go in the afternoon to be more dreamy because the space is mostly outdoors, so when the sun is too strong, you should adjust the color evenly where it illuminates your face. For many young people, coming here to enjoy coffee and youth music shows is a wonderful experience. In Da Lat, most of the stages are tea rooms singing Trinh and Bolero music, there are not many shows for young people. The store called the show Music Night in the Clouds, a name that is both cool and calm, just as outer space arrives each evening, behind the stage the clouds appear wonderfully hazy.

To find out the specific price of each show, you must contact the store in advance and reserve a seat!

2. Sunny Fame – stairway to heaven

Address: Doc No. 7, District 11, Da Lat City Telephone: 0941 784 579

Admission price: free drinks Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

The hot trend of 2019 is the explosion of the Stairway to Heaven photography movement. Even the person who designed and implemented this idea did not think that it would be so popular and copied by so many people. If they had known, the owner here would have registered the copyright and gotten rich from it. The highlight of the store is the virtual live photography area with white stairs that gradually taper upwards and, if photographed from below, it looks as if it goes straight to the clouds, which is why the young people gave it that name. The store is located down a slope 50m from the main road, the store is divided into two areas: the coffee ordering area on the right and the photography area on the left. You buy water and take the receipt to the photography area.


3. Vu Thi Coffee Village

Address: Doc No. 7, District 11, Da Lat City Telephone: 0938 395804

Admission price: free drinks Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Located in a small alley in front of the Thien Nhien vegetable buffet restaurant. Same alley as Sunny Fame, 50 meters away. Going down the slope, you will see first Sunny Fame and then Vu Thi Village. When you go during the day you have a lot of space to take photos, the store has designed many spaces for tourists who like to take photos: wooden chairs, oil paintings on the wall, flowers… but above all, this place. It is a wonderful space, great for you to have an image of the valley of lights at night.

4. Panorama

Address: Roundabout 723, Trai Mat, Da Lat City Telephone: 0914 887189

Entrance fee: 20,000 – 50,000 VND Opening hours: 08:00 – 21:00

Located right on the 723 roundabout, the store is easy to see (also known as Trai Mat roundabout). If you are going from the center towards Cau Dat, the restaurant is on the left in the same direction as the Valley of Lights, 100 m from the roundabout. The layout of the store is not too demanding, based mainly on space and the excellent location with views. Above is the restaurant looking towards the pine hill, while below is the vast space of the Valley of Lights and looking up to Langbiang or Cau Dat on clear days you can see the Bidoup Nui Ba mountain range in the distance. The store is relatively large, with wooden chairs, nostalgic items, and lights decorated in a soft and romantic style. The restaurant space that you can go to at any time is beautiful. If you like to see the wide view, you should go in the morning. If you like to see the cage house, you should go around 7:00 pm. If you go late, the air will be relatively cold.

5. Tulatula Coffee

Address: National Highway 20, Xuan Truong Commune, Da Lat City (100m from Gas Station No. 27) Telephone: 0935 260 792

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Entrance fee: 80,000 VND Opening hours: 06:00 – 18:00

Located in the middle of a 6,000 square meter hill, there are pine forests and green tea hills. The store space is like something out of a fairy tale: a wooden statue with dark colors like a forest god protecting people in the majestic space, a floating koi fish pond, a garden in a wooden house and wooden trees in the shape of poetic hearts. …all create a wonderful photographic space. The way to the store is quite comfortable and easy, from the center we can travel by bus, taxi or motorbike… You should go here in the morning and combine the sightseeing with the Cau Dat tea hill.

6. Train Tunnel Cafe

Address: Nam Ho Village Area Road – Cau Dat, Da Lat City (500m after Tiger Tail Pass and Tulatula Cafe)

Telephone: (updating) Admission price: free drinks Opening hours: 06:30 – 16:00

The Phan Rang Da Lat railway is one of the most unfortunate things about this city. It’s a shame because we have the most unique railway in the world, a shame because its time value and commemorative value are so beautiful. In 1968, I don’t know how many people, how many family members, how many couples said goodbye at the station and stood watching the train leave without knowing that it was the last time the train would pass through the station where they lived. Since then, the train route has been devastated by war and can never be recovered. The most beautiful thing that still exists today is a station in the city center with ancient elements, a 7 km railway line and 6 underground tunnels that stretch wildly under the pine hills.

Seeing the value of nostalgia for the space of a bygone era, a cafe opened right next to the train tunnel. Fortunately, the store attracts a lot of interest from young people, because not only older people love the beauty of old Da Lat, but young people are also interested in such things. If you come to the store, you should go during the persimmon season, because the store grows many roses interspersed with coffee fields, and the store grows many seasonal flowers that bloom all year round. The space to enjoy coffee is very beautiful, located on the hill facing Highway 20, overlooking the railway tunnel and looking at the pine hills and Cau Dat tea hills.

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