BBC News

BBC news may be the domestic, global and online arm of the British public broadcaster. It gathers and produces national daily news, business, politics and current affairs programmes.

BBC news is gathered from the primary newsroom in New Broadcasting House in central London and regional newsrooms throughout England, Scotland and Wales along with international bureaux worldwide.
News in Asia

The BBC is a well-known media organisation that delivers news and information for millions of people around the globe. Its aim is usually to be a totally impartial public service broadcaster.

The broadcaster is a quasi-autonomous corporation that’s authorised by a Royal Charter. Additionally it is regulated by Ofcom and is funded by a licence fee paid by British households.

As a result, it is highly respected for its journalism. A lot of its journalists work in Asia and Europe, covering breaking news and global affairs.

However, the BBC has faced accusations of holding a variety of biases. This is specially the case in India, where a number of Indian commentators have accused the BBC of experiencing an Indophobic bias.
News in Europe

The BBC news division is the largest live newsroom in Europe, located in Broadcasting House in London. It produces and broadcasts domestic, global and online news programmes on BBC television and r / c across the world.

The organisation is a quasi-autonomous corporation authorised by royal charter, rendering it operationally in addition to the government. Its global mission is to project British soft power.

While BBC News does sometimes make mistakes in its coverage, the general public has a positive impression of the service. This is also true in France where in fact the BBC is widely admired and cited as a model of public service broadcasting.

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Recently, has been at the centre of a number of political controversy. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, three BBC News reports alleged that the British government had embellished a secret dossier with misleading exaggerations about the Iraqi government?s weapons of mass destruction capabilities.
News in the centre East

The BBC provides news in the centre East through its radio and television networks, including Arabic TV. The BBC World Service runs it in fact it is funded from the British television licence fee.

The news in the Middle East is largely focused on political and economic events, including the ongoing conflict in Syria, which includes caused at least 12 million people to flee their homes. But it addittionally covers the impact of the recent cholera outbreak in the region.

Yemen, a country that shares a long history of strife with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is currently in one of its most serious crises. A war between the government and Houthi rebels has pushed thousands of people into famine-like conditions, in line with the UN.

The BBC has reported on a number of human rights issues in the centre East, including sexual violence, child trafficking, and the treating women. It has also highlighted the extraordinary detention of Princess Latifa, whose father is the ruler of Dubai, and her try to flee her captors.
News in Africa

The BBC has been a major player in African media for decades. Its flagship newspaper, The Voice of Africa, is really a well-known regional publication that’s read by an incredible number of readers over the continent.

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The British public service broadcaster is also famous for its international news and current affairs programmes, including Newsnight, the world’s most watched TV news programme. Its digital channels may also be popular with African viewers.

But its reorganisation and reduced amount of services will leave a big hole in the budget, especially for its Africa operation. Its main axes add a UK-based local radio network, BBC Somali, and the Africa TV channel.

However, it is the aforementioned Focus on Africa, which includes been dubbed the Beeb’s biggest hit in Africa, which has had probably the most impact. It is continuing to grow in reach and audience size year on year. The programme includes a dedicated Twitter account, a Facebook page and is even being streamed live online.

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