Amazing Places to Visit in the United States Without a Passport

travel in us without passport

If you’re passionate about beautiful beaches, breathtaking glaciers or history there are numerous amazing destinations within the US that await your discovery without needing a passport – you just require valid identification or birth certificates as proof.

Even with passport delays, Americans still have plenty of great travel destinations available to them despite passport shortages. From beautiful islands to culturally vibrant cities, here are five amazing US travel spots where they can visit without needing one.

1. Northern Mariana Islands

Even as passport demand in the US skyrockets and renewal wait times stretch out into weeks, American travelers can still discover incredible destinations around the world without needing an international document. From the sandy islands of Guam’s Northern Mariana Islands to their verdant forests – here are some incredible spots you should consider visiting this summer without one.

Saipan, the largest island of the US Territory of Northern Mariana Islands, is an incredible cosmopolitan destination where vibrant beats and stunning beaches blend seamlessly with lush tropical landscapes and fascinating history. Enjoy sunbathing on Micro Beach’s white shores or get active through jungle treks or exploring underwater caves full of life.

Visits to the Northern Mariana Islands require nothing more than a valid government-issued photo ID and plane ticket, making it one of the easiest Caribbean destinations for American travellers. Cruise ships frequently stop there as well, such as Disney’s Coco Cay and Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay.

2. American Samoa

American Samoa is an archipelago located in the South Pacific that’s composed of five volcanic islands and two coral atolls. While accessing it without a passport may be challenging, American Samoa provides unspoiled beaches, crystal-clear waters and lush rainforests – perfect conditions for relaxation!

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Pago Pago is the capital city and lies at a natural harbor surrounded by volcanic peaks, while Big Spring Cave boasts ancient petroglyphs known as spirit eyes that you should see while visiting American Samoa National Park is also worth seeing.

Finding your way into Jamaica without needing a passport may not be an easy feat, but it is one of the top spots for Americans seeking good vibes and reggae music. On this Caribbean island known for its delicious cuisine you’ll discover an thriving culture of safety, tolerance, and multiculturalism – not forgetting world-class cuisine.

3. Guam

Guam is an ideal island destination for family trips, solo travel and romantic escapes alike. Boasting stunning beaches and World War II history, this tropical paradise will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Guam differs from Puerto Rico in that you do not require a passport for entry. According to US government standards, travelers to Guam are considered domestic rather than international visitors; however, this decision will vary based on individual cases so it is wise to confirm entry requirements prior to travelling there.

If you plan to visit Guam without a passport, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen! Guam’s crystal-clear waters offer perfect swimming and snorkeling conditions, along with delicious dining experiences at Tumon Sands Plaza, Guam Premier Outlets and Micronesia Mall.

While incidents with travel documents are rare, it’s wise to keep a copy in a secure place for safekeeping and to secure one that fulfills all applicable standards with Passport Photo Online.

4. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico remains an integral part of the United States for immigration and travel purposes despite being classified as an US Territory. Thanks to the Jones-Shafroth Act of 1917, U.S citizens may travel freely throughout Puerto Rico without needing a passport; all travel rules that would apply when visiting any U.S state apply here as well.

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So you can explore Old San Juan, hike to La Mina waterfall in El Yunque rainforest or feed tarpons at Dingy Dock’s on Culebra Island without needing your passport – American travelers don’t even require an international cell phone plan as their existing plan will work just fine in Puerto Rico.

Visitors from outside the US require a valid passport when traveling outside the U.S.; travelers should remember this if their itinerary includes visiting nearby islands like Dominica or British Virgin Islands. Other acceptable forms of ID for air travel to Puerto Rico may include government issued driver’s licenses/ID cards/Trusted Traveler Program cards/Enhanced Tribal Cards.

5. Alaska

Alaska is an exclave of the United States bordered by Canada and Russia, so traveling there requires all visitors to have a valid passport when making any international stops; this rule does not apply to cruises that do not stop internationally. Traveling in Alaska without one can still be risky business and all tourists should carry one for peace of mind in case an emergency arises.

Domestic air travel to Alaska is unaffected by passport requirements; however, it is best to bring along documents compliant with WHTI just in case there are issues. Furthermore, as of 2025 all air travelers in the US will require Real IDs; thus it’s wise to keep this in mind when planning your Alaska trip.

Alaska is home to some of the most stunning glaciers in the world, and there are plenty of ways to witness them. Hike along one of Exit Glacier’s developed trails or take a train ride from Anchorage to Spencer Glacier; both offer unforgettable views.

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