Admire 7 churches with the most beautiful architecture in Vietnam

Chiêm ngưỡng 7 nhà thờ có kiến trúc đẹp nhất Việt Nam

As works of sacred religious significance, these Catholic churches also have unique and exceptional architecture, becoming places of “virtual life” for young people and international tourists. Let’s take a look at the 7 most beautiful churches in Vietnam below with Rong Viet Travel.

1. Cathedral – Hanoi


For the people of Hanoi, the cathedral is not only a place for religious activities, but also a cultural symbol and incomparable pride of the capital’s people.

The cathedral was built in 1884 and completed in 1888. Initially, the church was built of wood, but later the Catholic Church renovated it and converted it into a brick church with medieval European Gothic style architecture.

In front of the church there is still a structure with two towers on both sides, in the middle there is a statue of the Cross and a large clock with the engraved newspaper and time. In particular, the alarm system is linked to 5 bells suspended in two towers.

Although hundreds of years have passed, this beautiful building in Hanoi still stands tall and proud in the heart of the city center.

2. Holy Temple of Kien Lao – Nam Dinh


Another beautiful church in Nam Dinh that young people also frequently visit is the Kien Lao Holy Temple, located in Xuan Tien Commune, Xuan Truong District. The highlight of this church is the decorated relief statues on the walls, creating a solemn and majestic religious space. The roof of the church has a wide spherical shape, a common feature of most churches in this land.

Next to the altar there are two small lakes, surrounded by rows of ancient and poetic lights. Looking from the outside, you will notice that the space around the church has the lines of European architecture, exuding a luxurious but also cozy space.

3. Chicken Church – Da Nang


Located right in the center of the city, the Chicken Church, also known as Da Nang Chicken Church, is an extremely attractive destination loved by tourists. With a unique architecture and outstanding pink tones. Upon arrival at Da Nang Chicken Temple, visitors will be able to visit the typical architecture of the French period and take record photos with excellent quality photographs.

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Da Nang Chicken Church was built in Gothic style with a height of up to 70 m, with delicate and soaring architectural lines and extremely attractive diamond-shaped windows.

4. Domaine de Marie Church – Da Lat


Domaine de Marie Church is also known as Mai Anh Church. More than 1 km southwest of Da Lat city center, this area has unique architecture in the 17th century European style, but was made with entirely Vietnamese materials.

The historic site of the Domaine de Marie church is an architectural complex that includes a chapel and two rows of houses in the convent of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent with a total area of ​​12 hectares located on Ngo Quyen Street. Especially in the church is a statue of the Virgin Mary standing on a globe carved with the image of a Vietnamese woman, designed by Janchère, a French architect.

In addition to its architecture that attracts tourists, the church is covered in a dark pink color to highlight the majesty and dignity of a famous religious building.

5. Kon Tum Wooden Church


Located in the middle of the vast green forest of the highlands, the century-old wooden church is always the pride of the people of the Kon Tum region. From afar, visitors will be able to see the church’s warm brown wooden bell tower rising against the blue sky.

People here affectionately call the Cathedral the Stave Church because this unique project is built entirely of wood, designed with classical Roman architecture combined with traditional stilt house architecture. Here, the village of Ba Na, started by a French priest in 1913 and completed in early 1918 and in use to this day. Today, the project has become a symbol of the Central Highlands, the pride of the people of Kon Tum city and has always had a strong attraction for tourists coming to the vast highlands.

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6. Notre Dame Cathedral – Saigon


The Notre Dame Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral, is a majestic work of architecture with two tall bell towers, in a square called the “Paris Commune” in the center of the city.

The famous architectural work of Ho Chi Minh City called Notre Dame Cathedral began construction on October 7, 1877 and was inaugurated on April 11, 1880. The church was designed in France and its construction was carried out by an engineer Frenchman called Bourad. The total cost of construction at that time was 2.5 million francs contributed by the Governor of the South.

Nowadays, not only the largest and oldest Catholic church in Vietnam, Notre Dame Cathedral is also a unique, excellent and typical architectural work of Saigon land with more than 300 years of development and construction.

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7. Tan Dinh Church – Saigon


Not only CnTraveler, Tan Dinh Church (289 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) has been named many times by foreign newspapers among the ideal destinations for travel and check-in in Vietnam.

The church was built in 1870 with typical Gothic architecture with a main tower and two auxiliary towers. At the top of the main tower of the church there is a 3 m high bronze cross. Inside there are 5 bells with a total weight of up to 5.5 tons.

Originally one of the oldest churches in Ho Chi Minh City, but since it wore a new color, this church has become known to many domestic and foreign tourists.

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